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Issue 154 - 4/28/2004

Bill Maze, Advisory Council MemberCan you guess where this photo was taken?Pacific jumping mouse, Photo credit:  Kim Bunn, BLM Folsom Field OfficeOff highway vehicle rider in the Glamis DunesClick here to order "Camp Cook's Companion" from our on-line bookstore

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Can you guess where this photo was taken?WHERE IS THIS?
(interactive photo quiz)
1. El Paso Mountains Wilderness Area 2. Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness Area 3. Coyote Mountains Wilderness Area Take your best guess and check your answer against other readers, in our interactive photo quiz:

Pacific jumping mouse, Photo credit:  Kim Bunn, BLM Folsom Field OfficeWILDLIFE TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Mousy
The Pacific jumping mouse prefers moist habitats and often lives in riparian areas (near streams) or in meadows. Which food does the Pacific jumping mouse find there - and rely on for more than half of its diet? (Photo: Kim Bunn, BLM Folsom Field Office)
(a) Small bugs
(b) Grass seeds
(c) Acorns and similar nuts
(d) Household garbage
(e) Cheese (See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.)

Click here to order "Camp Cook's Companion" from our on-line bookstoreBOOKSTORE FEATURE - Camp Cooks Companion
Offers a savory alternative to the bland just-add-water cooking. Acclaimed outdoor writer Alan Kesselheim serves up a delightfully varied menu of more than 150 recipes, made from both fresh and dehydrated ingredients.

"Thank you for all the work you have done for us to enjoy the wonderful off road experiences. My hats off to all of you." -S.H., Arbuckle

PROFILE: John Dearing
Command Sergeant Major John Dearing will be mobilized and deployed for one year beginning May 20th. Read more in our weekly News.bytes feature:

PHOTO ALBUM - Glamis Dunes
The Imperial Sand Dunes is divided into 3 areas. The northern most area is known as Mammoth Wash. South of Mammoth Wash is the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness established by the 1994 California Desert Protection Act. The largest and most heavily used area begins at Highway 78 and continues south just past Interstate 8. The expansive dune formations offer picturesque scenery, opportunities for solitude, a chance to view rare plants and animals, and a playground for OHVs.
Related: "Imperial Sand Dunes"
The Imperial Sand Dunes are the largest mass of sand dunes in California. This dune system extends for more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley agricultural region in a band averaging five miles in width.
Related: "Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) - also known as Glamis Dunes"
This open area contains over 118,000 acres of sand dunes for OHV play.

Central California Advisory Council member represents District 34 in the California State Assembly. He was formerly a long-time member of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Maze was the first chairperson for the Central California Advisory Council. During his years of service on the council, Bill has been a forceful advocate in shaping federal management policies. Read more in our weekly News.bytes feature:


"Mapping App Guides Agencies' Wildfire Strategy" (Government Computer News, 04/26/2004)
"When forest fires scorch the West later this year, firefighting managers will use Web services to plan their moves."

"SIFC opens new facility"
(Lassen County News, 04/26/2004)
" Through hard work and fiscal cooperation from local, state and federal agencies, the new Susanville Interagency Fire Center is now complete enabling the state of the art facility to keep a potential catastrophic fire at bay at keep the residents fire safe.


"Piedras Blancas Light Station Re-Opens for Limited Public Tours" (BLM Press Release, 04/28/2004)
"The tours follow last year's successful opening of the light station to the public for the first time since 1875."

"California Indian Leaders Want More Control Over Land" (NBC 4 News, 04/22/2004)
" California Indian leaders told lawmakers Wednesday that they want the authority to cut trees, shore up hillsides and undertake other projects on nearby federal lands in order to keep disasters like wildfires and mudslides off their reservations.

"Tribes seek federal lands access to keep threats off reservations" (San Jose Mercury News, 04/21/2004)
" California Indian leaders told lawmakers Wednesday that they want the ability to cut trees, shore up hillsides and undertake other projects on nearby federal lands in order to keep disasters like wildfires and mudslides off their reservations. /california/counties/alameda_county/

"Tribes seek power to take anti-fire land measures" (San Bernardino County Sun, 04/21/2004),1413,208%257E12588%257E2099167,00.html#

"BLM proposes fuels reduction work to protect Golden Gate Mill historical structures" (BLM California news release, 04/21/2004)
The Bishop Filed Office is proposing to reduce hazardous fuels on BLM land surrounding the Golden Gate Mill historical site near Walker, California in Mono County. Comments are being sought on this and other fuel treatment projects in Mono County.

"Rancher ordered to move cattle from tortoise habitat" (The Press Enterprise, 04/21/2004)
"In a move to protect desert tortoises, the BLM ordered a Mojave Desert rancher to remove her cattle from a part of her allotment where the threatened reptiles are active."

"BLM Schedules Meetings to Review Proposed Routes of Travel Plan Amendment"
(BLM California news release, 04/21/2004)
In early May, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is hosting meetings in five cities - Las Vegas, Needles, Tecopa, Bishop, and Ridgecrest - to present a proposed routes of travel plan that encompasses 1.1 million acres of public lands in Inyo, San Bernardino and Mono counties.

"Public meetings scheduled for proposed amendment to South Coast management plan" (BLM California news release, 04/23/2004)
The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have scheduled two public meetings to gather comments regarding the preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) for the Upper Santa Ana River Wash Land Management and Conservation Habitat Plan and an environmental impact statement (EIS) for an amendment to the South Coast Resource Management Plan for the Santa Ana River Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

"City residents bypassed in Cemex deal" (Los Angeles Daily News, 04/24/2004)
"Recently, the city of Santa Clarita was notified that an agreement, or consent decree, between the county of Los Angeles and the international cement giant Cemex, was reached on what is arguably one of the worst abuses of governmental power in local history." It also is the largest gravel mining project ever approved by the federal Bureau of Land Management.,1413,200~20949~2106545,00.html#

"On Foot: Bugs are better when fossilized" (Chico Enterprise Record, 04/27/2004)
At my house, it's an ongoing battle between me, the woman who wants to exterminate anything with more than four legs, and my husband, Thomas, who insists on rescuing anything to the great outdoors before I can get to it. From there we followed a Bureau of Land Management map to the Providence Mountains. We parked the car at a point along a dirt road that looked like it would get worse before it got better and began hiking toward a canyon that veered from the pink and purple hills,1413,135~28338~2110665,00.html

"Media Classics Begins Principal Photography on 'The Road to War, General Patton's Desert Training Center'" (PR Newswire, 04/26/3004)
"The Road to War" is being produced by the two companies in association with the Bureau of Land Management and will be the first film to document the history of the Desert Training Center."
T he Desert Training Center, California-Arizona Maneuver Area (DTC-CAMA) was created in 1942.  This simulated theater of operation was the largest military training ground in the history of military maneuvers.

"Geothermal Plan has Activists Boiling" (Redding Searchlight, 04/20/2004)
" A plan to stimulate geothermal power by injecting acid deep into the Earth may get a closer look from the government, a small victory for those opposed to the idea. Conservationists say the plan could degrade the purity of Medicine Lake, a sacred landmark for American Indians, as well as the region's many springs and headwaters."{F97A08BB-A360-487B-B297-E65144827B39}

"'Historic" Pack Trip Outings Backed" (The Modesto Bee, 04/23/2004)
" Drafted with the assistance of the Backcountry Horsemen of California and introduced as legislation last summer by Mariposa Republican George Radanovich, the bill is dubbed the Right to Ride Livestock on Federal Lands Act. It requires that "as a general rule," all areas now used by pack-and-saddle operators will remain open and accessible to the same usage."

"WV residents express concern for off-roaders" (Desrt Trail, 04/22/2004)
" Residents were asked to look at maps that were provided by the Bureau of Land Management, and the representatives responded to questions that residents had concerning the rights of OHV riders as well as the rights of the citizens."

"Dunes closure could cost millions" (Yuma Sun, 04/27/2004)
A new federal study citing the economic impact to the regional economy as a result of closing some popular areas of the Imperial Sand Dunes, for once, has both off-roaders and environmentalists on the same side

"Deal Revived to set aside Land Next to Joshua Tree" (The Desert Sun, 04/22/2004)
The land in question includes 8,881 acres of mostly empty desert north of Interstate 10 next to the Coachella Valley Preserve managed by BLM.
Related: "Coachella Valley Preserve (BLM California Website)"
For thousands of years, particles of sand from the San Bernardino Mountains and Indio Hills washed into the Coachella Valley, forming a system of dunes. Today, these dunes are part of the Coachella Valley Preserve System, a 20,000-acre sanctuary that is home to several species of increasingly rare wildlife.


"Chowchilla Wild Horses and Burros Find New Homes"
Valley residents took home 47 horses and 11 burros over the two-day event.

"BLM delivers adopted horses for free" (Tehachapi News, 04/26/2004)
If you have the facilities and the compassion to give a wild horse or burro a good home but just don't have the means to get the animal(s) home, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a deal for you.

"BLM to offer free delivery for wild mustangs and burros
adopted at special 1-day event"
(BLM California news release, 04/21/2004)
BLM is extending operation of its regional corral facility on Saturday, May 8 to provide qualified adopters the opportunity to adopt a wild mustang or burro, and will provide free home delivery within 150 miles of the facility for all animals adopted during this special 1-day event.

"Upcoming Event: Klamath Falls, Oregon Wild horse and burro adoption and horse gentling"
May 4-6 Klamath Falls, Oregon Also includes "hands-on" wild horse and burro gentling and training activities with the Pacific Wild Horse Club. For more information, call (541) 573-4439/4456 weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.,%20Washington

"Wild horses and burros may be a low-tech community, but they need the help of sophisticated federal computer systems, too" (Government Computer News, 04/19/2004)
The bureau now is entering its data about the numbers and location of the wild horses and burros into a geographic information system to more accurately estimate sustainable herd population levels.

Answer: (b) Grass seeds comprise more than half the diet of the Pacific jumping mouse. They also commonly eat insects and fungi. Learn more about the Pacific jumping mouse in our BLM California online wildlife database (Note: the Wildlife Database is hosted on the Department of Interior's secure Web server - see note under "Selected Upcoming Events" below): Related: "Zapus trinotatus, Pacific jumping mouse" (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, North American Mammals)


04/29/2004 - Northeast California and Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin Resource Advisory Councils joint meeting

05/06/2004 - Northwest California Advisory Council

05/08/2004 - Ridgecrest wild horse and burro corral special 1-day adoption

05/12/2004 - Santa Ana River Wash public meeting

05/15/2004 - Wild horse and burro adoption
Grass Valley

05/19/2004 - Santa Ana River Wash public meeting

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