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Issue 153 - 4/20/04
- Not for Educators Only:
      - Wildlife Trivia Question of the Week - Fishy question
      - Where is This? (interactive photo quiz)
      - Photo Album - Headwaters
- Bookstore Feature - "Scenic Driving in California"
- Our readers write
- Meet your Advisory Council members: Terry Williams
- Profile: Craig Barnes
- Wild horses and burros:
      - Recent adoptions
      - Upcoming adoptions
- Minerals on public lands:
      - Cemex solution?
      - Imperial County gravel
      - Rules for small miners
- Wildfire prevention
- Off-highway vehicles: neighbors ask for relief
- Headlines and Highlights, including
      - "Boiling" over geothermal plan
      - Desert reseeding poses challenges
      - BLM seeks input on resource plan
      - County's 'bad lands' may have less law enforcement
      - How do you spell OHV relief?
      - Advisory councils to meet
- Selected Upcoming Events, including:
      - Advisory meetings
      - Earth Day
      - Wild horse and burro adoptions
      - Dedication
      - Hikes

Amargosa pupfishThe Amargosa pupfish has a distinction among pupfish species in California. What is it?
(a) It is the largest
(b) It is the smallest
(c) It eats the widest variety of foods
(d) It is the most vegetarian
(e) It washes all of its food before eating it
(f) It has the largest teeth (See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.)

Where is this?WHERE IS THIS?
1. Owens Peak
2. Grass Valley
3. Nopah Range
Take your best guess and check your answer against other readers, in our interactive photo quiz:

Flower in Headwaters Forest ReservePHOTO ALBUM - Headwaters
Located in the mountainous north coast region of California, Headwaters Forest was acquired by the Secretary of Interior and the State of California on March 1, 1999, to preserve one of the last unprotected large stands of old-growth redwood forest. Unique ecological values of the forest include: a highly intact, functioning old-growth forest ecosystem that has very large old-growth redwood and Douglas-fir trees, a high diversity of plant species in the forest understory, nesting of threatened marbled murrelets and northern spotted owls, and important stream habitat for threatened coho and chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

Trees in part of the Headwaters Forest ReserveRelated: "Headwaters Forest Reserve" (BLM California Web site, Arcata Field Office)
Links to environmental documents, planning information and more information related to BLM's management of the Headwaters Forest Reserve.

BOOKSTORE FEATURE - "Scenic Driving in California"BOOKSTORE FEATURE - "Scenic Driving in California"
"Discover the Magic and Beauty of California Byways. Drive through a land of awesome proportions. Uncover its human history, find its animals and birds, revel in its forests and deserts, splash in the surf and walk in the sands of its coastline. This book is perfect for planning day trips or weekend outings. It leads you to 24 of the Golden State's most eye-pleasing rides while detailing a spectacular assortment of natural wonders, scenic attractions, historic points of interest, and recreational opportunities."

"I am looking forward to the educational aspects for the children and adults in my family. Your website has been very educational and enjoyed." - M.P., Ventura

Terry Williams

Northeast California Advisory Council member Terry Williams is a longtime resident of Modoc County with a long history of public service as a former member of the Modoc County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Williams is an avid outdoorsman and represents the dispersed recreation interests on the council supporting hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits. Read more in our weekly News.bytes feature:

Craig BarnesPROFILE: Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes comes to BLM from the Forest Service. But be assured, he does not wear green anymore. At least not that you can detect. Read more in our weekly News.bytes feature:


"Free Horse Gentling/Training Sessions Offered in Chowchilla" (BLM California news release, 04/14/2004)
This weekend: Get free tips and advice about horse gentling and training, during BLM's wild horse and burro adoption event, Saturday and Sunday, April 24 and 25.

"BLM will offer wild horses and burros for adoption in Grass Valley" (BLM California news release, 04/16/2004)
BLM will offer 80 horses and 20 burros for adoption on Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16. Animals will arrive at the fairgrounds at about 2 p.m. on Friday, May 14, and potential adopters can get a preview look.

"Mustangs, burros seeking new homes" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 4/17/2004)
"I have a blind filly that needs a companion. I want a little gelding for her. It's going to be a seeing-eye burro...." - from last weekend's adoption event at Lake Perris Fairgrounds.

"Wild mustangs, burros find new homes" (North County Times, 04/17/2004)
"Katrina, 13, brought four of her mustangs from her Riverside ranch to show folks how easily the mustangs adjusted to their adoption. 'I think it's important for people to know what the horse could become,' she said, tethering a horse to her trailer and lifting a young boy on to the mustang's bare back. 'Sometimes it takes a week, or a month ---- but ultimately the horse will come around'."

"Klamath Falls, Oregon Wild horse and burro adoption and horse gentling" (BLM Oregon Web site)
May 4-6 Klamath Falls, Oregon. Also includes "hands-on" wild horse and burro gentling and training activities with the Pacific Wild Horse Club. For more information, call (541) 573-4439/4456 weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.,%20Washington


"McKeon hopes to persuade Cemex" (Santa Clarita Signal, 04/16/2004)
"A negotiated deal between the Bureau of Land Management, Cemex Inc., the city of Santa Clarita and Rep. Howard 'Buck' McKeon's office would be the best hope of heading off a gigantic open-pit mine in Soledad Canyon, McKeon said...during a swing through Santa Clarita." BLM issued gravel mining permits for the site in 1990.

Related: "McKeon pushes gravel-mine compromise" (Los Angeles Daily News, 04/15/2004)
"Santa Clarita's congressman said he is arranging a meeting between Cemex and federal officials in hope of reducing the size and scope of the company's proposed Canyon Country quarry.",1413,200%257E20949%257E2086667,00.html

"Turning gravel into cash" (Imperial Valley Press, 04/19/2004)
"The small pieces of aggregate, rock and sand that give this 40-acre plot at the foot of the Coyote Mountains the look of a windblown wasteland, is valuable ground that costs the county of Imperial money by the foot. In March, Imperial County signed off on a deal with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management, granting them the permission to expand their surface gravel-mining operations."

"Miners suffer under BLM rules" (Palo Verde Valley Online, 04/17/2004)
"Since this is a new plan being put into operation, miners must immediately become aware of the new laws."


"Grant will extend Paradise fire break" (Chico Enterprise-Record, 04/17/2004)
"A six-mile stretch of western Paradise will get a fire break thanks to a $97,000 grant awarded by the Bureau of Land Management.",1413,135%257E25088%257E2090211,00.html

"BLM proposes fuels reduction work near Mono City and Conway Ranch" (BLM California news release, 04/19/2004)
The BLM Bishop Field Office is proposing to reduce hazardous fuels on BLM-managed land adjacent to the north side of Mono City and the east side of the of Conway Ranch. The project will help protect residents and their homes from a wildland fire, and increase safety for firefighters working to suppress a fire near the community.

"BLM proposes fuels reduction work near Forty Acres" (BLM California news release, 04/19/2004)
The BLM Bishop Field Office is proposing to reduce hazardous fuels on BLM land adjacent to the west side of Forty Acres in Round Valley.

"Clear brush to reduce fire danger, panel urges" (Sacramento Bee, 04/15/2004)
"The Governor's Blue Ribbon Fire Commission...publicized 48 recommendations Wednesday from six hearings conducted in areas affected by the fires last fall." Blazes attacked state- and federally-managed and private lands.

Related: "Fire Review Panel Faults Bureaucracy" (Los Angeles Times, 04/15/2004)
"Governor's commission says rival groups fail to put people's lives ahead of their own agendas. Firefighting funds were also found inadequate.",1,2866253.story


"Group keeps watch on OHVers" (Desert Trail, 04/15/2004)
"A group of residents in Wonder Valley has formed in order to bring into control what they see as out of control and illegal use of off-highway vehicles in the area." The group plans to obtain petition signatures from Morongo Basin residents, and forward it to the BLM and elected officials.

"How do you spell OHV relief? Who knows?" (Hi-Desert Star, 04/17/2004)
"The good news for residents throughout the Hi-Desert is they may see some relief for the chronic torment they say they've suffered for years at the hands of 'off-highway vehicle outlaws.' The Barstow office of the Bureau of Land Management and the local sheriff's station will be more effectively coordinating their enforcement efforts in the future."


"Geothermal plan has activists boiling" (Redding Record-Searchlight, 04/20/2004)
"A plan to stimulate geothermal power by injecting acid deep into the Earth may get a closer look from the government, a small victory for those opposed to the idea. Conservationists say the plan could degrade the purity of Medicine Lake..." BLM will conduct environmental analysis of the plan.

"BLM Resource Advisory Council will meet in Redding" (BLM California news release, 04/15/2004)
BLM's Northwest California Resource Advisory Council will discuss public land recreation in the northern Sacramento Valley, when they convene for a field tour and business meeting Thursday and Friday, May 6 and 7, in Redding.

"Desert reseeding poses challenges" (Victorville Daily Press, 04/18/2004)
"Revegetating disturbed areas - from road construction, laying utility lines or from natural causes like fires - is tricky in the harsh desert climate, experts say....a resources branch chief for the Barstow office of the Bureau of Land Management, said the BLM rarely attempts reseeding because of difficulties posed by the desert climate conditions." But there are some alternatives.,10316,

"Army eyes smaller controlled burns" (Monterey County Herald, 04/16/2004)
"To avoid a repeat of last year's out-of-control controlled burn at Fort Ord, which blackened an extra 1,000 acres and much of the air over the Monterey Peninsula, Army officials now believe it may be best to limit future burns to 100 acres." Fires are being used to uncover munitions left behind after decades of the Army's target practice. "Seven thousand of the acres are never to be developed and are to be used as a nature preserve by the Bureau of Land Management."

"BLM seeks input on resource plan" (Hollister Free Lance, 04/16/2004)
"The Hollister office of the federal Bureau of Land Management - which oversees nearly 100,000 acres in San Benito County - is revising its resource management plan and wants local residents to get involved. The plan would cover the entire Central Coast region, including nearly 300,000 acres in 11 counties."

"Take Pride in America celebrates one-year anniversary" (Department of Interior news release, 04/16/2004)
Take Pride in America is a partnership program devoted to volunteerism on public lands.

"County's 'bad lands' may have to reduce law enforcement" (Napa News, 04/16/2004)
"In an area known for its wine, superb dining and upscale tourism, the 15,000 acres in the northeast tip of Napa County is the closest thing to 'bad lands' around here....home to off-highway vehicles and target shooting, and it is also being used illegally as a garbage dump." Sheriff's Department says county patrols of Knoxville public land depends largely on approval of state off-highway grant.

Answer: (d) The Amargosa pupfish is the most vegetarian of pupfish found in California - eating mostly blue-green algae for much of the year. In fact, their mouths are typically upturned and allow them to easily eat off the water's surface.
Learn more about the Amargosa pupfish in our BLM California online wildlife database (Note: the Wildlife Database is hosted on the Department of Interior's secure Web server - see note under "Selected Upcoming Events" below):

Related: "California's plants and animals: Amargosa pupfish" (California Department of Fish and Game Web site)

(Note: the Upcoming Events database is on a secure Web server, and your browser may state "You are about to view pages over a secure connection" and ask you to "Trust a Security Certificate" from the Department of Interior that hosts this site. To view the pages, you must select "Yes" or "OK" for both questions.)

04/22/2004 - Susanville Interagency Fire Center building dedication

04/22/2004 - Earth Day Celebration
Palm Desert

04/24/2004 - Mother Nature Earth Jam!
Palm Desert

04/24/2004 - Chowchilla wild horse and burro adoption

04/24/2004 - Cache Creek wildflower hike

04/29/2004 - Northeast California and Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin Resource Advisory Councils joint meeting

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