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Issue date: 1/23/03

This week in News.bytes:

- BLM denied $1.1 million of Imperial OHV request
- Not just BLM manages desert lands
- Scenic short hikes feature BLM-managed land: East of Sacramento
- Not for Educators Only:
      - Weed of the Week: Klamathweed
      - Wildlife Trivia Question of the Week: Batty or buggy?
     - Bookstore Feature of the Week: Golden Opportunity?
- Off-roading:
      - Tragedy strikes otherwise quiet dunes weekend
      - Residents try to deter off-roaders
- Headlines and Highlights, including:
      - Wild horses and burros - available!
      - Complete California planning info coming to the Web?
     - Officials object to dogs on trails
- Selected Upcoming Events:
     ...including several advisory committee meetings

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some of the more than 3 million annual visitors to Imperial Sand DunesState of California grants had previously matched federal funds for Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area -- visited by almost 1-1/2 million people per year. BLM had requested $1.4 million. In December 2002, California OHV Commission granted $292,000 to assist with dramatically increasing law enforcement costs for peak holiday weekends -- when visitation can exceed 200,000 people. At that time, the commission deferred a vote on the additional $1.1 million in operations and maintenance funds. At today's meeting commission denied request on 4-3 vote.

"Statement regarding CA OHV Commission's denial of BLM grant request for Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, Imperial County, California, January 23, 2003" (BLM California Web site)
"The denial of $1.1 million in grant funds will have a significant impact on the Dunes and the more than 3 million people who visit the Dunes annually. These funds were to be used for visitor services, including sanitation facilities, trash removal, environmental monitoring and countless other activities."

Related: FUNDING REJECTED FOR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OFF-ROAD DUNES SITE" (Associated Press in Sacramento Bee, 1/23/03)

Related: "EL CENTRO FIELD OFFICE" (BLM California Web site)
Find links to much information on the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area -- including grant application, law enforcement issues, draft management plan, public meeting transcripts and more.

BLM California is involved with local and state governments in the first of these planning projects -- and manages only mining claims in the other. Third item: A problem of running out of room to dump trash -- part of proposed solution involves BLM.

"STATE SEEKS STRATEGY FOR MOJAVE LAND" (San Bernardino County Sun, 01/18/2003)
"Desert enthusiasts view the landscape of the Mojave in different hues that reflect their interests. For some, it is fragile land that must be preserved for posterity. For others, the time has come for urban expansion and development." California Legacy Project -- in which BLM California and many others join the state-led effort -- "will assess the state's natural resources to develop long-term priorities to conserve lands for diverse uses.",1413,208%257E12588%257E1119473,00.html

"DESERT FUTURE MULLED" (Los Angeles Daily News, 01/18/2003)
"Red Rock Canyon plan being prepared ... Under the California Desert Protection Act, Last Chance Canyon was shifted from the management of the [BLM] to the state park system." Under an agreement with state parks, BLM continues to manage mining claims in the area.,1413,200~20943~1120515,00.html

"DUMPS' CLOSINGS TO HIKE COSTS" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 01/23/2003)
Once Coachella Valley's only full-time landfills close next year, much trash will have to be trucked out. One probably consequence: more pressure on the proposed Eagle Mountain Landfill, which involves a BLM land trade and a related lawsuit mentioned in last week's News.bytes.


Weed of the Week: Klamathweed. Photo courtesy ifornia Department of Food and Agriculture Botany LabWEED OF THE WEEK - Klamathweed
Among other features, this noxious weed "contains a toxic substance which causes animals that eat it to lose weight and develop a skin irritation when exposed to strong sunlight." Also called St. Johnswort.

"How many mosquitoes can a single "little brown myotis" (a type of bat) catch in an hour?"
a) 100
b) 400
c) 1,000 - one thousand
d) 1,000,000 - one million
(See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes)

BOOKSTORE FEATURE: Golden Opportunity?
"FINDING GOLD IN THE DESERT" (BLM Bookstore featured book)
Book Description: "Complete Guide on How to Find Gold in the Desert: Almost everyone at least dreams about finding gold. This book tells you how you can make that dream a reality, without a great investment in time or money. Revised edition includes plans to build a drywasher."


"HIKING ON THE STEVENS TRAIL" (The Union, 01/16/2003)
Feature article on "a delightful short hike that's perfect for the occasional fair days that come our way this time of year" and crosses BLM-managed land.

Related: "STEVENS TRAIL" (BLM California Web site)
More about this area, from BLM California's Folsom Field Office Web pages.

"TAKE A HIKE along the South Yuba River Trail" (The Union, 12/26/2002)
Feature article on hike crossing BLM-managed and other lands: "If you're looking for a way to get a little exercise and soak up some beautiful views on a gray (or even rainy) winter afternoon, give the South Yuba Trail at Edwards Crossing a try. It makes for a beautiful and invigorating hike at any time of year, in any kind of weather."

Related: "SOUTH YUBA TRAIL AND CAMPGROUND" (BLM California Web site)
Learn more about this area on this Web page from BLM California's Folsom Field Office.


Large number of people -- about 55,000 -- visit Imperial Sand Dunes over what for many was a three-day weekend. Generally quiet weekend, until one woman dies in off-highway vehicle crash.

"RESIDENTS SEEK TO DETER OFF-ROADERS" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 01/18/2003)
"SUN CITY: Riders have found a new area, and neighbors don't like the dust or noise." Residents look for lessons from nearby community: "droves of out-of-towners would trailer in their off-road vehicles, then stay all day and light bonfires at night .... But the [BLM] did a sweep, and now the area is heavily patrolled by the Sheriff's Department..."


"WILD HORSES AND BURROS UP FOR ADOPTION IN CHOWCHILLA" (BLM California news release, 01/21/2003)
A feeling of the old west comes to the Madera-Chowchilla Fairgrounds in Chowchilla Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 15 and 16, when the Bureau of Land Management offers 80 wild horses and 20 wild burros for public adoption.

"CONSERVATION ATLAS TO BE ON INTERNET" (San Bernardino County Sun, 01/20/2003)
BLM California one of many organizations contributing data to "California Digital Conservation Atlas." Goal is to put information about the state "only a click away" including: growth projections for cities, county land use plans, natural vegetation, conservation plans, location of major farmlands, plus data on soils, wetlands, rivers and roads, floodplains and natural resource projects.,1413,208%257E12588%257E1124277,00.html

"OFFICIALS OBJECT TO DOGS ON TRAILS" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 01/19/2003)
Wildlife officials say dogs who join their owners on hikes near the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument visitor center, frighten endangered bighorn sheep.

ANSWER TO WILDLIFE TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE WEEK, "How many mosquitoes can a single "little brown myotis" (a bat) catch in an hour?"
Answer: d) - 1000 - one thousand.
"A single little brown myotis catches more than 1,000 mosquitoes each hour that it forages! They eat half of their body weight in insects each night."
Learn more about these flying mammals in the BLM California Wildlife Database, at:
(Note: the Upcoming Events database is now on a more secure Web server, and your browser may state "You are about to view pages over a secure connection" and ask you to "Trust a Security Certificate" from the Department of Interior that hosts this site. To view the pages, you must select "Yes" or "OK" for both questions.)


01/29/2003 - 1/30/03 - Northwest California Advisory Council
Related News Release:

01/31/2003 - Central California Advisory Council meeting

02/01/2003 - Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory Committee Meeting
Palm Desert

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