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Issue date: 8/21/2003

This week in News.bytes:
Setting out on Day on the River float
- Day on the River 2003
- Wild Horse and Burro Program marks a "first"
- More on wild horses and burros
- Congressional subcommittee hearing on California desert battle:
    - Testimony of Mike Pool
    - Other public officials testify
- Profile of the Week
- Not for Educators Only:
    - Wildlife Trivia of the Week: Fish eggs
    - Photo Album: "Sunrises and Sunsets"
    - Bookstore Feature: "Location and Patenting of Mining Claims and Mill Sites"
- Computer "worm" blocks News.bytes subscriptions
- Cemex/Soledad Canyon gravel mining
- Headlines and Highlights, including:
    - Will dam flood San Joaquin River Gorge?
    - Gearing up for $1 million robot race
    - State crackdown nets $400 million in marijuana
    - 6,000 Plants Pulled in Raid
    - Repairs for Headwater's Elk River Trail
- Upcoming Congressional Hearings
- Selected Upcoming Events

A local clown helps entertain children on annual Day on the River float tripThe BLM Redding Field Office's annual Day on the River brought smiles to the faces of 56 northern California children and their families, as they enjoyed a raft trip on a tranquil section of the Trinity River near Lewiston, on Saturday, Aug. 16. The children, all undergoing treatment for serious medical problems or other disabilities were treated to the trip and a barbecue thanks to the efforts of more than 100 volunteers from government agencies, organizations and businesses. It was the fifth year for the event.

In a first for BLM California's Wild Horse and Burro adoption program, San Jose adopters took home yearling horses trained to halter by BLM wranglers from the Litchfield Corrals. Nine-year old Laura Lynn was the first to take home one of these specially-trained horses. Her dad, Mark, completed the adoption process for her. In all, 49 wild horses and burros found new homes with adoptive families.
Those attending also met other wild horse adopters and trainers, and got free horse training advice from horse adopter and trainer Phil West of Bishop.
See photos, and learn about more upcoming wild horse and burro events:


"Rising Stars helps lift kids' abilities, self-esteem" (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 08/14/2003)
At Rising Stars in Alta Loma, people with physical and mental disabilities build self-discipline and confidence by riding horses. Called "equestrian therapy," the program takes a special breed of horse. "Out of twenty horses that are donated, only one will usually qualify," said Rising Stars' secretary. "Some are from the Bureau of Land Management. Mustangs work quite well because they seem to be calm around kids and know when a child is up. They're also sensible and sure on their feet.",1413,203%257E24392%257E1570327,00.html

"BLM Will Hold Equine Adoption Next Month" (Inyo Register, 08/12/2003)
The Bureau of Land Management will hold a first-come, first-served wild horse and burro adoption on Saturday, Sept. 6, at its Regional Wild Horse and Burro Corral Facility four and a half miles east of Ridgecrest from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


"Testimony of Mike Pool" (BLM California Web site)
BLM California Director Mike Pool testified before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Resources, Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands. The Oversight Hearing on Public Access in the California Desert Conversation District and the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area took place in southern California.
Testimony of Mike Pool:
Addendum to Testimony:

"Desert Land Battle Discussed" (Riverside Press-Enterprise, 08/19/2003)
"Finding enough space in the California desert for endangered species, off-roaders and other activities is only going to get more difficult, the state's top leader for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management testified Monday."

"Postmus calls for evaluation of environmental protection measures" (Victorville Daily Press, 08/19/2003)
"Saying 'enough is enough,' First District Supervisor Bill Postmus on Monday called for a hard look at policies undertaken in the name of environmental protection during remarks made at field hearing by the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.",34532,

"More off-road: Access to sand dunes urged at Hearing" (Imperial Valley Press, 08/19/2003)
"Congressman Bob Filner, D-Chula Vista, crashed the party after not being invited to a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing here Monday where the discussion was dominated by supporters of increasing off-road vehicle access to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area."

"Supe to testify before House" (Inyo Register, 08/19/2003)
Inyo County supervisor was set to testify before the same Congressional Subcommittee hearing, that "county leaders say is a rare opportunity to express local land use concerns....While Inyo County has no connection with the Imperial Sand Dunes, it does have lands in the CDCA [California Desert Conservation Area], and access to those lands is currently in question with the [BLM's] Draft West Mojave Plan, making local testimony relevant."

Melissa Bristow is a community planner with the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, managed by BLM California.


How many eggs can a single white crappie lay each time she spawns?
Wildlife Trivia Question mark of the Weeka) 50
b) 800
c) 1,000
d) 200,000
(See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes)

A desert sunsetPHOTO ALBUM: "Sunrises and Sunsets"
BLM-managed public lands offer excellent photo opportunities for spectacular sunrises and sunsets - from the coast, to the desert floor.

BOOKSTORE FEATURE: "Location and Patenting of Mining Claims and Mill Sites"BOOKSTORE FEATURE: "Location and Patenting of Mining Claims and Mill Sites"
Explains how to locate and patent mining claims in California. It shows locations, monuments and claim maps. This book is written by the Bureau of Land Management.

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"New McKeon bill on Cemex mine" (Los Angeles Daily News, 08/18/2003)
U.S. Rep. Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, R-Santa Clarita, said Monday he would introduce legislation in Congress to reduce the size and scope of a massive sand and gravel mine slated to be built in Canyon Country.,1413,200~20949~1578427,00.html

"McKeon bill hinges on Cemex" (The Signal, 08/19/2003)
"Santa Clarita's congressman said he'll take new steps to scale back a massive gravel mining project in Soledad Canyon, but there's one player whose support he needs first:  The mining company. U.S. Rep. Howard 'Buck' McKeon said Monday he plans to introduce legislation to limit mining in Soledad Canyon to 'historic levels,' in exchange for allowing concrete giant Cemex to mine more sand and gravel elsewhere."


"How long can we destroy our natural beauty?" (Fresno Bee, 08/16/2003)
A U.S. Congressman "has proposed building a dam at Temperance Flat above Millerton Lake, and legislation has been introduced that could ram the project through with little public input." Author says dam would flood much of the BLM-managed recreation area of San Joaquin River Gorge (formerly known as Squaw Leap), and flood "significant Native America archaeological sites."

Related: "San Joaquin River Gorge (BLM California Web site)"
This scenic area straddles the San Joaquin River just upstream from Millerton Lake State Park and includes lands in both Fresno and Madera Counties. Hikers and horseback riders who use the San Joaquin River Gorge Trail have access to several thousand acres of public land. Author of above story states much of this area would be flooded by proposed dam.

"Agency to weigh fee plan" (San Bernardino County Sun, 8/18/2003)
"Facing strong criticism from off-road vehicle groups, a federal agency is taking another look at a plan to impose use fees at four popular recreation sites in the High Desert.
The [BLM] has shelved an Oct. 1 starting date for the fees, saying it continues to evaluate a plan to charge $20 for a weekly pass or $60 for an annual pass to cover costs of law enforcement, emergency medical aid and site maintenance.",1413,208%257E12588%257E1578301,00.html

Related: "BLM Reviews OHV Desert Recreation Fee Program" (BLM California news release, 8/11/2003)
As reported in last week's News.bytes.

"Repairs planned for Headwater's Elk River Trail" (BLM California news release, 08/19/2003)
A portion of the Elk River Trail in the Headwaters Forest Reserve will be closed for repair work from Sept. 29 through Oct. 15.

"State crackdown nets $400 million in marijuana plants" (Los Angeles Times, 08/19/2003)
The Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) - including BLM among 76 local, state and federal agencies - was begun by the state Department of Justice on Aug. 4 and will continue through October. "With at least 100,000 plants destroyed in less than two weeks, I think we're well on our way to breaking our records," says CAMP commander. "They are growing more [marijuana plants] in California, but we're also getting better at finding them...." State Attorney General says a major concern is safety on public lands. "Hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts should not have to worry about stumbling upon gardens protected by armed gunmen.",1,2072891.story

Related: "Officials locate, seize, burn marijuana across county" (Lodi News-Sentinel, 8/21/2003)
More on the CAMP operation, as "Officials from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service and the California National Guard arrived in San Joaquin County." One result: "marijuana consumed by ... crackling fire Wednesday evening east of Lodi was worth as much as $3 million to $5 million if sold on the streets...."

Related: "6,000 Plants Pulled in Raid" (Record Searchlight, 08/20/2003)
News brief: "A marijuana raid Tuesday near Knob Gulch yielded 6,000 young plants, ranging from 3 to 6 inches." BLM was among the agencies conducting the raid.

"Researchers gear up for $1 million SoCal-Nevada robot race" (Associated Press, in San Francisco Chronicle, 08/14/2003)
"The Pentagon is offering $1 million to whoever builds an unmanned vehicle that can cross up to 250 miles of some of the toughest terrain imaginable, the Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Competitors aren't allowed any type of remote control to maneuver around whatever obstacle the desert may throw at them. No one will be able to change a flat tire or refuel, either." The competition is expected to cross some BLM-managed lands - as reported July 2 in News.bytes issue 115 - but the exact route will not be revealed until two hours before the race.


  • August 25, Grazing Summit (Not a Hearing) in Boise, Senator Crapo's Grazing Summit, BLM Witness: Director Kathleen Clarke.
  • August 25, Field Hearing: Healthy Forests, in Redmond, Oregon. House Resources. S/C Forests & Forest Health. BLM Witness: Ed Shepard, AD Renewable Resources & Planning.
  • September 3, Business Meeting by Senate Energy.
  • September 4, House Resources Oversight Hearing on Endangered Species Act , BLM Witness: to be announced.
  • September 9, Hearing S.1107, Recreation Fee Authority Act; National Park Service Recreation Fee. Senate Energy, Subcommittee on National Parks. Department of the Interior witness: Lynn Scarlett.
  • September 11, Hearing S.511 on PILT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) by Senate Energy Subcommittee on Public Lands & Forests. BLM Witness: to be announced.
  • September 17, Business Meeting by Senate Energy.

Wildlife Trivia Question mark of the WeekWILDLIFE TRIVIA OF THE WEEK - ANSWER
d) A single white crappie can lay up to 200,000 eggs with each spawning!
Learn more about the white crappie, a member of the sunfish family that lives in California - but is not a native. Visit our online wildlife database at:
(Note: the Wildlife Database is hosted on the Department of Interior's secure Web server - see note under "Selected Upcoming Events" below.)

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08/27/2003 - Scoping meeting for Northeast California and Northwest Nevada land use plan

08/23/2003 - Field tour - Northeast California and Northwest Nevada land use planning

08/28/2003 - Scoping meeting for Northeast California and Northwest Nevada land use plan

08/26/2003 - South Yuba River planning meeting
Grass Valley

09/03/2003 - Northwest California Advisory Council

09/09/2003 - South Yuba River planning meeting
Grass Valley

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