60 years of the BLM

Part 9 - Agency with a Mission

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Slide#54 - Agency with a Mission

  • While the BLM’s “portfolio” of responsibilities was expanding, it still lacked a single basic law, often referred to as an agency’s “organic act.”

Slide#55 FLPMA

  • In 1976, in the waning hours of the 96 th Congress, BLM finally received its Organic Act.
  • Aptly called the Federal Land Policy and Management Act or “FLIPMA” – it put into statute many of the recommendations and ideas of the Public Land Law Review Commission.
  • It set forth a new purpose for the public lands – rather than being sold off or given away for settlement or development – it said –
  • “it is the policy of the United States that the public lands be retained in Federal ownership.”
  • “FLIPMA” cited exceptions to that retention policy, repealed thousands of outdated land laws, and established a standard of multiple use and sustained yield that endures to this day.

Slide#56 BLM Vision & Mission

  • From this legal basis grew BLM’s vision and mission for the public lands:
  • To enhance the quality of life through balanced stewardship and
  • To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Slide#57 National Map Public Lands

  • Today, BLM applies that vision and mission to the care of more than 262 million acres of public lands nationwide.
  • The land pattern is a reflection of the West’s historic settlement with concentrations of public lands in areas that were neither homesteaded, nor set aside or developed for other uses.
  • These public lands are a tremendous legacy for the future.

Slide#58 BLM-California Vision

  • While BLM is national, BLM employees in California appreciate the privilege of caring for the public lands here in this state that are among the most diverse resources in the country.
  • The vision of the BLM in California is one of healthy, diverse, and productive lands cared for by a workforce that is challenged, effective, and satisfied in their contributions to managing these lands.
  • We recognize, accept, and embrace the diverse interests and rapidly growing population that makes California so intense and complex.

Slide#59 BLM Seal

Those of us in BLM who care for these lands on behalf of all Americans are proud of the agency’s history and pleased to be able to share it with you through this series.

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