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The Hare and the Tortoise

Scene opens with background music and display of an old-style fairytale book cover. On the cover are the words “The Hare and the Tortoise”. At the conclusion of the music, the number “2007” appears. The book cover fades to reveal the following:

“Once again, the Hare ridicules the Tortoise, and another challenge is made....”

Text fades to a scene in the mountains. Two off road vehicles appear on a dirt road. The vehicles slowly pull up underneath a banner which says “START.” First to the starting line is the Hare driving a large, red off-road vehicle. Pulling up alongside the Hare is the Tortoise in a much smaller, pink, recreational vehicle. Looking at the Tortoise and his smaller vehicle, the Hare begins to laugh and rev-up his engine. As he revs his engine, the message, “Avoid unnecessary noise created by your vehicle” appears at the top of the screen.

A green flag waves and the word “Go” appears. The race begins with the Tortoise accelerating slowly and driving off, while the Hare accelerates too fast causing his rear wheels dig a deep rut. With his vehicle now stuck, the message “Go easy on the throttle...Avoid wheel spin and rutting”, appears at the bottom of the screen.
Further down the road, the Tortoise drives slow and steady. Moments later, the Hare passes by at a high rate of speed. Now in the lead, the Hare speeds down a winding dirt road. The Hare does not notice the pile of rocks at the edge of the road; his vehicle hits the rocks and the word “Smack” appears. The Hare’s vehicle becomes airborne and lands in a marshy area. A large brown chunk of mud, with the word “SPLAT” appears on the screen. The unhappy Hare and his vehicle, are stuck in the mud. The Tortoise, still drives slow and steady, and passes the Hare. The message, “Avoid riding in meadows and marshy areas”, appears at the top of the screen.

The next scene opens with the Tortoise’s vehicle stopped on the road. The Tortoise stands outside his vehicle examining a large ravine in the road. The message, “Stop frequently and check the road ahead on foot. Cross ravines slowly at a 45 degree angle,” appears at the top of the screen. The Tortoise, hearing the Hare’s engine, gets back into his vehicle and slowly crosses the ravine.

The angry Hare drives fast down the road in his muddy vehicle. Suddenly he sees the ravine and with fright on his face, he slams on his brakes. The work “Crash” appears in a dust cloud.

The next scene reveals that the Hare crashed into the same ravine that the Tortoise crossed slowly and carefully. The front end of the Hare’s vehicle is severely damaged: one of his lights falls off, and his door falls open. Steam is rising out from under the hood. The dazed Hare is cross eyed and birds are chirping.

The finish line has a large banner with checkered flags. At the side of the road are spectators for the race. The spectators include a snake, possum, bear, squirrel, raccoon, frog, deer, robin and a beaver. The spectators are clapping and cheering as the Tortoise slowly across the finish line to win the race. The spectators become quiet when they hear another engine. Slowly, a tow truck, labeled “Bear Towing” appears pulling behind him the unhappy Hare and his damaged vehicle. The spectators laugh as the tow truck and Hare cross the finish line.

Responsible Four Wheeling:

Travel and Recreate with Minimum Impact
Respect the Environment and the Rights of Others
Educate Yourself, Plan and Prepare Before You Go
Allow For Future Use of the Outdoors; Leave It Better Than You Found It
Discover the Rewards of Responsible Recreation

For more information visit: http://www.treadlightly.org

Not the End.

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