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A district that was identified based on the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 which regulates grazing on federal public lands. Lands within a Taylor Grazing Act district can be vacant, unappropriated, and unreserved lands from any part of the public domain of the United States (exclusive of Alaska), which are not in National Forests, National parks and National Park Service monuments, Indian reservations, revested Oregon and California Railroad grant lands, or revested Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, and which are chiefly valuable for grazing and raising forage crops;  provided, that no lands withdrawn or reserved for any other purpose shall be included in any such district. Permits are given for grazing privileges.

The standard will facilitate portrayal, queries, and use of this data set.  This information is of particular use to the Rangeland community and is required for some processes.  Once this spatial data is created it may be possible to link it with the Rangeland Administration System (RAS) to help determine how monies are divided.


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