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Theme: This database represents the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), developed in the California State Office (CASO) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) using the Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) Program BLM, CASO, PLSS, GCDB
Place: Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento, CA
Stratum: CASO Geographic Sciences Division

This database represents the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). Although the data are derived from various sources including:1:1,00,000 maps, 1:24,000 maps, United States Forest Service (USFS) Cartographic Feature Files, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Geographic Coordinate Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) program, the data structure and attribute scheme is consistent throughout the State.

This data is the BLM PLSS and is experimental Geodatabase design.

Supplementary Information
Name and MTRID are user defined attributes. MTRID is a primary key used to join polygons to the name of the PLSS stored in the Access table, PLSS related tables and queries are stored in an Access Database called PLSSTables.mdb.The MTRID uniquely identifies townships in California and is used join to tables and queries containing township related attributes. Generally, the tables and queries in the PLSSTables.mdb join to PLSS feature classes by way of attributes sharing a common name. One exception is the tblLandGrants which joins to the SpecialSurveys feature class using the LandGrantID in the tblLandGrants and the SurveyNumber field in the SpecialSurveys feature class.  Presently there is no convenient way to join the tblCALots to the Lots feature class, since lots are identified by a composite key involving the MTRID, Section, and Lot Fields. No such key exists in the Lots Feature Class.


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