Federal and State managed lands in California and portions northwest Nevada

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Theme: Land Status, BLM, Surface Estate, Federal Lands

The LND_SurfaceEstate data is a geodatabase illustrating the location of Federal and State managed lands in California and portions northwest Nevada. The data is developed and maintained at the BLM California State Office in Sacramento.  The focus of the data development efforts are on accurately depicting the locations of BLM managed lands.  Private and non-governmental lands are categorized as unclassified.   Other Federal agencies, the State of California , and numerous County governments contribute much of the information and data incorporated into this geodatabase.  Data for lands in Nevada were obtained from the Bureau of Land Management, Reno, Nevada.

This data is provided for the public use.  It is intended to represent BLM administered lands in California and portions of northwestern Nevada.

Supplementary Information
The LND_SurfaceEstate data is edited and maintained in a single polygon feature class.  Whenever possible, BLM lands are constructed from the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), also available to the public (PublicLandSurvey.gdb).  Alignment of BLM data with the PLSS is a continual process, as the accuracy and density of PLSS data continues to improve and develop.  Issues of misalignment with the PLSS are more common with non-BLM management areas.  These discrepancies are being addressed at the BLM California State office based on U.S. Department of Interior priorities throughout the State of California.


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