haopca - Historical herd aread for wild horse and burro

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Theme: Wild horse, Wild burro, BLM, Bureau of Land Management
Place: California

Historical herd areas for wild horse and burro.  A "Herd Area" is defeind by the "Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Program Guidance, January 1983" as "The geographic area identified as having been used by a herd as its yearlong habitat in 1971"

This data set is to be used to illustrate the hisorical herd areas of the wild horse and burro herds.

Supplementary Information
This data was merged into the National Data set in 2004, and then extracted for maintenance in 2005.  Herd  Areas extending onto USFS Herd Area Territories were pulled during the merge with National.  Some of these USFS Herd Areas extend onto public lands.  During the National  merge, many Herd Areas were also consolidated into a single larger Herd Area  The Data has been reviewed and updated (name changes and PLSS allignment) in 2006.


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