How to Use the Acordex Java Image Viewer

This site uses Acordex Java Image Viewer to view "tiff" images of MTPs, HIs, and other use plats.

Upon selection of a particular image file, the viewer will open in a new browser window.  Within the viewer you can ZOOM, PAN, SAVE and PRINT copies of the plats for future use.

The above image shows an image of the Acordex Image Viewer Menu Bar.  A description of each Menu Bar button follows, starting at the left side of the Menu Bar.

The Menu Bar "Document Window" indicates the name of the image being viewed, and can be edited to load other images in the same directory.  You can load another image from the same directory by typing the image name into the "Document Window" and pressing the "Enter" key on your key board.  Images in this system are stored in Quadrant directories, so only images from the same quadrant can be loaded once you are in the Acordex Viewer.  To load another image from a different quadrant, return to the SEARCH page.

Below the "Document Window" is the date the image was scanned and placed active in the data base.

Immediately to the right of the "Document Window" are the "Page Back" and "Page Forward" buttons.  Images with sequential numbers can be opened within the viewer by clicking the  "Page Back" and "Page Forward" buttons.  This is useful when viewing Historical Index Sheets, which are sequentially numbered, so they can be viewed by clicking on the  "Page Back" and "Page Forward" buttons.   Also sequentially numbered Supplemental Plats can be viewed in the same manner.
To enlarge the image 25% at a time, click on the "Sequential Zoom buttons, indicated with a "+" or a "-", which are located to the right of the "Image Paging" buttons.
The window with "100%" in it is the "Zoom Percent Window".  You can click on the arrow in the window and other values will appear, which you can select or you can type a value into the window from your keyboard.  One thing to remember with the "Zoom" values, you can only use the "PAN" function on views that have been magnified less than 125%.
This function will only be available on images that are bigger horizontally than the viewer window.  A horizontal scroll bar will be visible on the right side of the viewer window when this function is need.
The button with the hand on it is the "PAN" function button and can be used to move the image around within the viewer window. 
This button when clicked will allow you to drag and drop a rectangle around a specific area to which you want to zoom.  This is particularly useful to select a portion of the image you are interested in and wish to view more closely. This will also select an area smaller than the whole image for printing.
This button will act as a magnifying glass as you move around on the image holding down the right mouse button.
The next three buttons rotate the image, right 90°, left 90° and 180°. 
The printer button will allow you to print the images to any of your local printers.  (Because printing is a local function, a Security Alert will popup asking you to allow the viewer to access your printer).  There is no security issue here, only the fact that a web page should not be allowed to control anything on your local machine.  You must answer the "Alert" by selecting "yes" or printing will not work.  You should only have to do this once on each PC from which you access this page.  Once you do allow the viewer to print it will continue to do so until you clear the security certificates from your browser.  To print a selected portion of the whole image, use the Zoom Rectangle to select your area of interest. (see Zoom Rectangle)
You can save a copy of the image to your local drive, but remember the only official copy is one that has been certified by the Public Room of the Bureau of Land Management.  Copies obtained from this web site can not be used for any offical or legal purpose.