California Instruction Memorandums - FY 2002

Instruction Memorandums (IMs) provide new policy or procedural instructions which must reach BLM employees quickly or interpret existing regulations, policies, or instructions and are used when there is not enough time to issue a Manual Release.  IMs are generally used for transmitting material of an urgent nature. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended).

Date Posted Subject Line
CA-2002-001 P 10/03/2001 California BLM Policy for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Units on BLM Engines DD: 4/15/02
CA-2002-002 P 10/16/2001 Information Needed for Vegetation Treatments EIS (WO IM No. 2001-229) DD: 11/26/01
CA-2002-004 P 10/23/2001 Use or Lose Annual Leave
CA-2002-005 P 11/06/2001 Final Salary Clearance Report Procedures
CA-2002-005CH1 P 11/23/2001 Final Salary Clearance Report Procedures
CA-2002-006 P 11/08/2001 Revision of California Special Status Plant List
CA-2002-008 P 11/14/2001 State Board of Surveys Appointments
CA-2002-009 P 11/21/2001 Duplicating/Printing Services annual report DD: 11/28/01
CA-2002-010 P 11/23/2001 Federally Required Information Technology Security Awareness Training
CA-2002-011 P 12/03/2001 California Idle Well Policy
CA-2002-012 P 12/04/2001 Annual Report DD: 12/07/01
CA-2002-013 P 12/04/2001 Federal Register Notices
CA-2002-014 P 12/06/2001 Review of California Instruction Memoranda Issued in FY 2000 DD: 12/21/01
CA-2002-015 P 12/12/2001 BLM-California Policy on Early Alerts
CA-2002-016 P 12/12/2001 BLM-California Policy on Congressional Relations
CA-2002-017 P 12/19/2001 Deferred Maintenance, Construction, and Engineering Workload DD: 1/25/02
CA-2002-018 P 12/21/2001 FY 2002 Procurement and Agreements Plans DD: 01/11/02
CA-2002-019 P 12/21/2001 Washington Office Call for Fish and Wildlife Data DD: 01/22/02
CA-2002-020 P 01/14/2002 Reinstatement of Proposed "Threatened" Status for the Flat-tailed Horned Lizard DD: 4/16/02
CA-2002-022 P 01/22/2002 Laptop Inventory, Certification, and Additional Security Requirements DD: 01/23/2002
CA-2002-023 P 01/22/2002 Policy on the Use of Strong Passwords
CA-2002-024 P 01/22/2002 "Introduction to Supervision" Training Course
CA-2002-025 P 01/25/2002 Desktop Inventory, Certification, and Additional Security Requirements
CA-2002-027 P 01/29/2002 PayCheck Automated Time and Attendance System
CA-2002-028 P 02/05/2002 Automated Exit Interview
CA-2002-029 P 02/12/2002 California Records Management Training DD: 2/19/02
CA-2002-030 P 02/19/2002 Managing Mailing Lists for Customer Outreach DD: 3/15/2002
CA-2002-031 P 02/21/2002 Prescribed Burn Plan Writing Course Workshop DD: 02/28/02
CA-2002-032 P 02/22/2002 Proposed Critical Habitat for Five Endemic Carbonate Plants DD: 4/11/02
CA-2002-034 P 03/06/2002 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Project Submissions for FY2004 DD: 5/7/02
CA-2002-035 P 03/08/2002 Alturas Field Office Recreation Fee Demonstration Pilot Project Financial Procedures DD: 06/01/02
CA-2002-036 P 03/08/2002 Surprise Field Office Recreation Fee Demonstration Pilot Project Financial Procedures DD: 06/01/02
CA-2002-038 P 03/15/2002 Submission Requirements for FY 2004 - 2008 Plan for Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvements DD: 04/12/02
CA-2002-039 P 03/15/2002 Compliance Monitoring of Internet Prohibition for Bureau Laptops
CA-2002-040 P 03/29/2002 Duplicating/Printing Services Semi-Annual Report DD: 04/12/02
CA-2002-042 P 04/11/2002 Unauthorized Printing and Duplicating Procurements
CA-2002-046 P 04/18/2002 2002 Annual California Fire Readiness Review DD: 05/6/02
CA-2002-047 P 04/29/2002 Review of Library Video Collection DD: 5/15/02
CA-2002-049 P 05/10/2002 Trail Contacts and Development of the National Trails Program in FY 2002 DD: 05/03/2002
CA-2002-050 P 06/06/2002 Processing of Contracts and Agreements for the Remainder of FY 2002 DD: 07/01/02
CA-2002-052 P 06/13/2002 Restoring Annual Leave For Employees Deemed Essential During the National Emergency
CA-2002-053 P 06/26/2002 Office Automation Standard
CA-2002-054 P 06/26/2002 Policy on Occupational Safety and Health for California BLM
CA-2002-056 P 07/19/2002 2002 Preparedness Review Action Items and Response DD: 9/03/02
CA-2002-057 P 07/19/2002 Request/Justification for Telecommunications Services
CA-2002-060 P 08/02/2002 Microsoft Office XP Upgrade DD: 8/30/2002
CA-2002-061 P 08/06/2002 Use and Care of Government Owned/Leased Motor Vehicles and Equipment
CA-2002-065 P 08/13/2002 The California BLM CASHE Program
CA-2002-066 P 08/14/2002 Identifying Information Technology Systems That House "TRIBAL" Indian Trust Data DD: 8/21/2002
CA-2002-067 P 08/16/2002 WO Clearance of Press Releases
CA-2002-068 P 08/22/2002 Request for Project Proposals for Native Plant Materials Development for Fiscal Year 2003 and Fiscal Year 2004 DD: 9/20/2002; 3/21/2003
CA-2002-071 P 08/30/2002 Public Communications
CA-2002-072 P 09/10/2002 Identifying Desktop Computers and Laptop Computers that House "Tribal" Indian Trust Data DD: 09/19/2002