California Instruction Memorandums - FY 2001

Instruction Memorandums (IMs) provide new policy or procedural instructions which must reach BLM employees quickly or interpret existing regulations, policies, or instructions and are used when there is not enough time to issue a Manual Release.  IMs are generally used for transmitting material of an urgent nature. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended).

Date Posted Subject Line
CA-2001-001 P 10/02/2000 California BLM Policy for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Units on BLM Engines DD: 5/15/01
CA-2001-002 P 10/05/2000 Close out of FY 2000 Employee Performance Plans Results Report (EPPR) DD: 11/30/00; 12/15/00
CA-2001-003 P 10/06/2000 Duplicating/Printing Services Annual Report DD: 10/13/00
CA-2001-004 P 10/12/2000 Training Needs Assessment for Business and Fiscal Automated Systems DD: 11/17/00; 11/30/00
CA-2001-004ATT1 P 10/12/2000 Attachment 1
CA-2001-005 P 10/13/2000 BLM California State Aviation Management Plan
CA-2001-006 P 10/20/2000 Land Health and NEPA Training November 7-9, 2000 DD: 10/27/00
CA-2001-008 P 10/23/2000 Review of California State Office Forms DD: 11/15/00
CA-2001-009 P 10/23/2000 Review of California Field Office Forms DD: 11/15/00
CA-2001-010 P 10/24/2000 Policy for Preparing and Approving Environmental Documents
CA-2001-011 P 11/16/2000 Budget Execution Guidance for Fiscal Year (FY) 2001
CA-2001-012 P 11/22/2000 Use or Lose Annual Leave
CA-2001-013 P 12/11/2000 Initiatives for Eliminating Barriers to Diversity: Recruitment Strategy
CA-2001-017 P 01/09/2001 Law Enforcement Collar Insignia Policy
CA-2001-018 P 01/11/2001 Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing
CA-2001-019 P 01/12/2001 Washington Office Call for Fish and Wildlife Data DD: 1/17/2001
CA-2001-020 P 01/16/2001 Integration of Bishop BLM - Inyo NF Fire Program DD: 04-15-01
CA-2001-021 P 01/16/2001 Temporary Duty Travel Training DD: 01/19/01
CA-2001-022 P 01/22/2001 Submission Requirements for 5 Year Deferred & Construction 5-Year Cycle DD: 02/16/01
CA-2001-024 P 02/13/2001 FY 2001 Procurement and Agreements Plans DD: 02/26/01
CA-2001-025 P 02/16/2001 Training Standards and Qualifications for California BLM Fire Personnel
CA-2001-026 P 02/16/2001 Duplicate Fire Qualification, Training and Experience Records for the State Office DD: 3/30/01
CA-2001-028 P 03/13/2001 Transmittal of Environmental Assessment Template/Livestock Grazing Authorizations
CA-2001-029 P 03/13/2001 Center for Biological Diversity FOIA Requests
CA-2001-030 P 03/19/2001 Center for Biodiversity (CBD) Stipulation Implementation: NEPA Compliance, Public Review, Notification and Process to Clear Associated Lawsuit Documents with WO
CA-2001-032 P 04/02/2001 Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) Grazing Stipulation Implementation: NEPA Compliance, Public Review and Grazing Decisions
CA-2001-033 P 04/03/2001 California Burro Adoption Fee Reduction
CA-2001-034 P 04/03/2001 Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement Update and Field Review DD: 4/30/01
CA-2001-035 P 04/03/2001 New Direction - Land Exchange Processing
CA-2001-036 P 04/16/2001 2001 Annual California Fire Readiness Review DD: 05/04/01
CA-2001-037 P 04/17/2001 Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) Interim Route Closure Implementation: NEPA compliance, Public Review, and Decision Process
CA-2001-039 P 04/30/2001 Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2 DD: 5/10/2001
CA-2001-042 P 05/31/2001 Processing of Contracts and Agreements for the Remainder of FY 2001 DD: 07/01/01
CA-2001-043 P 05/31/2001 End of FY 2001 and Beginning of FY 2002 Procurement Requirements DD: 09/01/01
CA-2001-044 P 06/01/2001 Fire Program Reporting DD: 06/07/01
CA-2001-045 P 06/07/2001 Permanent Increase in Delegation of Procurement Authority
CA-2001-046 P 06/11/2001 BLM Photos and Image Portal System
CA-2001-048 P 06/19/2001 California Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB) DD: 7/16/01)
CA-2001-050 P 07/06/2001 Schedule for FY 2002 OHV Grant Applications DD: 07/25/01
CA-2001-051 P 07/23/2001 Documentation of completion of evaluation of existing land use plans
CA-2001-053 P 07/24/2001 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Program Coordinator DD: 8/01/01
CA-2001-058 P 08/10/2001 2001 Preparedness Review Action Items and Response DD: 9/03/01
CA-2001-060 P 08/22/2001 BLM Supplemental Emergency Stabilization, Rehabilitation Guidance and ESR Plan Format
CA-2001-063 P 09/21/2001 Phase Out of Manual Reset Postage Meters DD: 12/31/2001