California Instruction Memorandums - FY 2000

Instruction Memorandums (IMs) provide new policy or procedural instructions which must reach BLM employees quickly or interpret existing regulations, policies, or instructions and are used when there is not enough time to issue a Manual Release.  IMs are generally used for transmitting material of an urgent nature. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended).

Date Posted Subject Line
CA-2000-075 P 07/21/2000 Proposed Determination of Critical Habitat for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep DD: 8/25/2000
CA-2000-076 P 07/21/2000 Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) Changes DD: 7/31/00; 8/4/00
CA-2000-079 P 07/31/2000 Requirements for Print and Electronic Publishing
CA-2000-081 P 08/07/2000 Fire Situation
CA-2000-082 P 08/08/2000 Confined Space Entry Program
CA-2000-083 P 08/10/2000 Final Phase, Electronic Records Inventories DD: 9/15/00
CA-2000-084 P 08/11/2000 Transporting and Dispensing Gasoline, Diesel, and Drip Torch Fuel Used with Terratorches, Helitorches, and Drip Torches DD: 09/01/00; 10/01/00
CA-2000-085 P 08/11/2000 Long Term Retardant Sampling of 1999 and 2000 Drop Areas DD: 9/8/00
CA-2000-086 P 08/16/2000 Firestone Tire Recall DD: 08/25/00
CA-2000-088 P 08/24/2000 California Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement Update DD: 9/22/00
CA-2000-089 P 08/24/2000 Land Exchange Processing - NEPA Documentation
CA-2000-092 P 08/31/2000 Contract Appraisals
CA-2000-093 P 09/06/2000 Guidance for Grazing Permits/Lease Renewals and NEPA Compliance
CA-2000-094 P 09/06/2000 Information Needed for Cultural Heritage Strategic Plan DD: 7/28/00; 9/25/00
CA-2000-095 P 09/07/2000 Rental and Cost Reimbursement Collection Procedures for Film Permits
CA-2000-096 P 09/13/2000 New Procedures for Publication of Directives in CASO
CA-2000-097 P 09/14/2000 2000 BLM California Post-Season Fire Meeting DD: 10/10/00; 10/18/00
CA-2000-098 P 09/14/2000 Final Guidelines - Greensweep
CA-2000-099 P 09/20/2000 Review of CA Instruction Memoranda 10/15/2000