California Instruction Bulletins - FY 2002

Information Bulletins (IBs) are temporary directives used to disseminate information of interest to Bureau employees.  They do not contain BLM policy, directive, or instructional material.  They may be used to transmit material such as publications and announcements or call attention to existing policies or procedures. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended).

Date Posted Subject Line
CA-2002-001 P 10/02/2001 Pre-Retirement Seminars DD: 10/10/01
CA-2002-003 P 10/03/2001 Update of Radio Systems and Procurement in FY01
CA-2002-004 P 10/04/2001 GEICO Public Service Awards DD: 10/09/01
CA-2002-005 P 10/16/2001 Procedures for Law Enforcement Personnel Called to Active Duty
CA-2002-006 P 10/16/2001 2001 BLM California Post-Season Fire Meeting DD: 10/26/01; 10/30/01
CA-2002-008 P 10/31/2001 Nominations for the National Wildland Fire Safety Award DD: 11/08/01
CA-2002-009 P 11/16/2001 Donald L. Scantlebury Memorial Award DD: 11/30/01
CA-2002-010 P 11/20/2001 2001 Health Benefits Open Season
CA-2002-012 P 11/23/2001 Deployment of Microsoft Office 2000
CA-2002-014 P 12/11/2001 Government Closure on Christmas Eve
CA-2002-015 P 12/18/2001 California's Strategy for Completing Fire Management Plans
CA-2002-016 P 01/04/2002 Continued Prohibition of Internet Access
CA-2002-018 P 01/08/2002 Statewide Wild and Scenic River Workshop DD: January 28, 2002
CA-2002-019 P 01/09/2002 Participation in NTC Pathways and Leadership Challenge Courses
CA-2002-020 P 01/09/2002 California Fuels Program Review
CA-2002-021 P 01/16/2002 Occupational Safety and Health Training Videos
CA-2002-022 P 01/17/2002 Extension of FY 2000 Instruction Memoranda
CA-2002-024 P 01/25/2002 State Office Of Historic Preservation Protocol Review February 27, 28, March 1, 2002
CA-2002-025 P 01/28/2002 Statewide National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) Workshop DD: February 6, 2002
CA-2002-026 P 01/28/2002 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Prioritization for Funding in 1040 and 1120 DD: 2/5/02
CA-2002-027 P 01/29/2002 Designation of State National Energy Policy Coordinator
CA-2002-029 P 02/08/2002 BLM California GIS Workshop
CA-2002-030 P 02/13/2002 Annual Cultural Resources Workshop, April 1-3, 2002, San Diego, California
CA-2002-031 P 02/14/2002 2002 BLM California Pre-Season Fire Meeting DD: 2/25/02; 3/15/02
CA-2002-032 P 02/14/2002 2002 California Interagency Incident Management Workshop DD: 04-02-02; 04-05-02
CA-2002-033 P 02/20/2002 Printing Coordinator for the Statewide Printing Program
CA-2002-035 P 03/19/2002 2002 BLM California Pre-Season Fire Agenda DD: 3/25/02
CA-2002-036 P 03/22/2002 Draft - CA State Fire Equipment Committee Meeting Notes DD: 4/15/02
CA-2002-037 P 03/29/2002 2002 Department of the Interior Environmental Achievement Award DD: 04/10/02
CA-2002-038 P 04/09/2002 William A. Jump Memorial Foundation Award DD: 04/19/02
CA-2002-039 P 04/09/2002 GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Management DD: 05/03/02
CA-2002-040 P 04/17/2002 Unsung Hero Award
CA-2002-041 P 04/23/2002 Agency Representative and Resource Advisor Training DD: 5/03/02
CA-2002-043 P 05/21/2002 Thrift Savings Plan Open Season - May 15, 2002 through July 31, 2002
CA-2002-044 P 05/23/2002 Award for Outstanding Achievements in Water and Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency DD: 06/07/02
CA-2002-046 P 05/28/2002 Aspen Delineation Project, Sierra Nevada and Warner Mountains
CA-2002-047 P 06/07/2002 Fire Workforce Resource Availability
CA-2002-048 P 07/12/2002 Automated Exit Interview
CA-2002-049 P 07/12/2002 2002 Fire Preparedness Review Reports
CA-2002-051 P 07/19/2002 Disposal of Excess Property
CA-2002-053 P 07/30/2002 Interest Announcement for Holiday Details - Fall/Winter - 2002/2003 For Southern California Desert Recreational Areas
CA-2002-054 P 08/01/2002 Long Term Care Insurance Open Season -July 1, 2002 to December 31, 2002
CA-2002-055 P 08/23/2002 Guidance for Cultural Resource Inventory for the Issuance of Special Recreation Permits
CA-2002-056 P 08/28/2002 Deployment of Rehosted Bond & Surety System - Training Preparation
CA-2002-058 P 09/09/2002 FY 2003 Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program DD: 9/30/02; 11/08/02
CA-2002-059 P 09/16/2002 Publication Policy
CA-2002-060 P 09/16/2002 2002 BLM California Post Season Fire Meeting DD: 10/7/02; 10/25/02