California Instruction Bulletins - FY 2001

Information Bulletins (IBs) are temporary directives used to disseminate information of interest to Bureau employees.  They do not contain BLM policy, directive, or instructional material.  They may be used to transmit material such as publications and announcements or call attention to existing policies or procedures. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended).

Date Posted Subject Line
CA-2001-001 P 10/02/2000 Job Hazard Analysis for Law Enforcement Officers
CA-2001-002 P 10/03/2000 2000 BLM California Post-Season Fire Agenda
CA-2001-005 P 11/07/2000 Extension of FY-99 Instruction Memorandums
CA-2001-006 P 11/20/2000 2000 Health Benefits Open Season
CA-2001-007 P 11/20/2000 Western States Basic Records Management Training/Workshop, FY 2001 DD: 02/21/01
CA-2001-011 P 12/27/2000 2000 Post Season Fire Meeting Minutes and Action Items DD: 01/21/01
CA-2001-013 P 01/23/2001 2001 California Interagency Incident Management Workshop
CA-2001-014 P 01/24/2001 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies Workshop
CA-2001-015 P 01/26/2001 Statewide Recreation, Wilderness and Engineering Conference DD: 02/16/01
CA-2001-016 P 02/05/2001 Identification and Filing of Official Records
CA-2001-018 P 02/06/2001 Customer Service Training 2/19/01
CA-2001-019 P 02/07/2001 DRAFT Cost Coding Handbook
CA-2001-020 P 02/09/2001 Establishment of the Geographic Information Systems Field Users Group
CA-2001-021 P 02/09/2001 Annual Cultural Resources Workshop March 20-22, 2001, Modesto, California
CA-2001-022 P 02/23/2001 Reply to IM No. 2001-064 Change 1, Data Call on GIS Acquisitions
CA-2001-023 P 03/01/2001 2001 BLM California Pre-Season Fire Meeting DD: 3/16/01; 3/23/01
CA-2001-024 P 03/02/2001 Domicile Policy - California Law Enforcement Vehicles
CA-2001-025 P 03/06/2001 Law Enforcement Plans FY 2001 DD: 4/20/2001
CA-2001-025ATT1 P 03/06/2001 Attachment 1
CA-2001-026 P 03/07/2001 BLM California GIS Workshop
CA-2001-027 P 03/13/2001 New Publication Series: California's Natural Wildlands Legacy
CA-2001-028 P 03/19/2001 Interest Announcement for Easter Weekend Holiday Detail -April 12-16, 2001
CA-2001-029 P 03/27/2001 Scanners
CA-2001-032 P 04/30/2001 GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Management DD: 05/08/01
CA-2001-032ATT1 P 04/30/2001 Attachment 1
CA-2001-033 P 05/10/2001 Thrift Savings Plan Open Season - May 15, 2001 to July 31, 2001
CA-2001-034 P 05/16/2001 2001 Readiness Review Teams and Updated Schedule
CA-2001-035 P 05/17/2001 BLM California System Administrators (SA) Workshop
CA-2001-036 P 06/04/2001 State Global Positioning System (GPS) Lead
CA-2001-037 P 06/05/2001 Customer Service Excellence Award DD: 07/13/01
CA-2001-038 P 06/20/2001 Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Safety Requirements
CA-2001-039 P 06/20/2001 Facilities Safety Inspection Checklist DD: 09/01/01; 09/30/01
CA-2001-040 P 06/20/2001 Authorization and Use of Government Owned or Leased Motor Vehicles
CA-2001-041 P 06/22/2001 Implementation of BLM's Science Strategy - Regional Science Catalogs DD: 9/01/01
CA-2001-042 P 06/28/2001 Interest Announcement for Holiday Weekend Details
CA-2001-043 P 07/18/2001 2001 Fire Preparedness Review Reports
CA-2001-046 P 07/27/2001 Federal Lands in California Map DD: 08/18/01
CA-2001-047 P 07/30/2001 Clarification of IM No. 2001-153 Policy and Safety Standards for the Procurement of Radio Towers
CA-2001-048 P 08/07/2001 Utilization of Private Records
CA-2001-049 P 08/17/2001 Appraisal Staffing, Reports and Reviews
CA-2001-051 P 08/28/2001 Hazard Communications Plan
CA-2001-053 P 08/31/2001 Dfs Directory
CA-2001-054 P 09/06/2001 Interest Announcement for Holiday Details - Fall/Winter - 2001/2002 For Southern California Desert Recreational Areas