BLM Alaska Public Rooms: A One-stop shop to your public lands

“And then I spilled it all over the floor!” said Scott Hawkins, a 10-year Fairbanks Public Room veteran, in response to an

Sage-grouse in Springtime: Lands for a thousand dances

by Heather Feeney, Public Affairs Specialist  

Utah's cowbelle: Katherine Fenton Nutter

Story by Angela Hawkins, Public Affairs Specialist. Photo courtesy of the Utah Historical Society.

Bisbee, Arizona

This week's "Record of the Week" features Bisbee, Arizona! While Bisbee was once known as an important mining town, today, it is recognized as an eclectic artist community and an ideal spot for tou

Wildlife Biologist Nancy Herms receives BLM’s Conservation Project Award

Story by Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely District public affairs specialist. Photos by Nancy Herms, BLM Bristlecone Field Office wildlife biologist.

BLM thins pinyon-juniper to restore eastern Nevada sagebrush communities

Story by Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely District public affairs specialist. Photos by Kellie Dobrescu, BLM Ely District range and wildlife conservationist

Get your kicks on Route 66 with the BLM and partners

Story by Noelle Glines-Bovio, Mojave Trails National Monument Manager; and Somer Shaw, Public Affairs Specialist. Photos by Bob Wick and Somer Shaw.

BLM Idaho’s fence repairs at Clover Creek manage grazing to protect stream health

Story by Angie Tom, Public Affairs Specialist (Acting), Twin Falls District.

The race to save Yaquina Head

Since the lighthouse was built in 1871, Yaquina Head has been a landmark and navigational beacon. But it wasn’t always protected by public land. When a nearby quarry threatened the lighthouse and the very rock it stood on, two local women banded together to preserve the outstanding natural area for future generations.

Managing wild geldings on public lands

A new peer-reviewed article affirms that having some wild geldings in wild horse herds is safe and does not disrupt wild horse welfare or social systems. However, unless a high fraction of males are gelded and released, their presence does not meaningfully reduce mare fertility rates in the long term. 

Kewa Pueblo

This week's Record of the Week features Kewa Pueblo. Kewa Pueblo (formerly Pueblo de Santo Domingo) is a community located south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, along the Rio Grande.

Iowa Gulch instream flow protection: Colorado Cutthroat Trout reintroduction

The BLM in Colorado worked with the Colorado Water Conservation Board to carry out hydraulic modelling, flow measurements, aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys, and riparian surveys to appropriate an

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