Tim Spisak

New Mexico State Director Tim Spisak

BLM New Mexico State Director

Tim Spisak is the State Director for the BLM in New Mexico, where he oversees the management of public lands and minerals in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Spisak has more than 34 years of government service, working as a Petroleum Engineer, Supervisory Petroleum Engineer, Program Analysis Officer, and Administrative Officer. His BLM career includes 5 years as the Amarillo Field Office Manager overseeing the Federal Helium Program in Amarillo, Texas; 5 years as the Fluid Minerals Division Chief in the Washington (DC) Office; 5 years as the Deputy Assistant Director for Energy, Minerals, and Realty Management; and 3 years as Senior Advisor on Conventional Energy. Spisak also served as the acting State Director for New Mexico. He has a bachelor of science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Penn State and a master of business administration degree from West Texas A&M.