John Mehlhoff

Montana/Dakotas State Director John Mehlhoff

Montana and the Dakotas State Director

John Mehlhoff is returning to the BLM as State Director for Montana and the Dakotas after having been the Program Director for Coordination, Enforcement, Valuation, and Appeals for the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) since 2014. Mehlhoff served as the BLM’s Associate State Director in Colorado prior to his move to ONRR. He worked as a Field Manager for 17 years in Colorado and Oklahoma; a Program Lead for the Assistant Director of Energy and Minerals; and a Petroleum Engineer for the Platt River Field Office in Wyoming and the Montana/Dakotas State Office. He also served as a Staff Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Land and Minerals and a Legislative Assistant to a U.S. Senator as part of a Congressional Fellowship Program. Mehlhoff grew up on the family homestead in North Dakota and earned a degree in petroleum engineering from Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology (Montana Tech).