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Resource Advisory Council

Welcome to the Arizona RAC home page. The RAC is a 15-member statewide advisory council, which provides advice and recommendations to the BLM on resource and land management issues for approximately 12.2 million acres of federal surface and 36 million acres of subsurface mineral estate in Arizona.

The purpose of the Resource Advisory Council is to enable Arizona citizens to have a meaningful say in how public lands are managed.  RAC members are selected for their ability to provide informed, objective advice on a variety of public land issues, and their commitment to collaboration in seeking solutions to those issues.

The Council members are appointed to serve 3-year terms on a staggered basis. This means that one-third of the Council is subject to appointment or reappointment each year.

The RAC meets quarterly. Members serve without salary, but are reimbursed for travel expenses. If you or someone you know would like information about serving on the council, contact BLM at 602-417-9500 or One North Central Avenue, Suite 800, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-4427.

Follow the link at the right for a list of the Resource Advisory Council members, the category they represent, place of residence, and ending terms. 

Arizona RAC

National RAC

Upcoming RAC Meetings

Date: September 14-15, 2016 

Location: BLM Arizona State Office


Please contact the Arizona RAC Coordinator for further information.

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