Wildlife Management

Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Public lands in Arizona include portions of the Mojave, Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Great Basin Deserts as well as pinyon-juniper and ponderosa pine forested lands. More than 850 linear miles of riparian habitat traverse Arizona’s public lands. These public lands providing habitat for a diverse array of native fish and wildlife species, providing opportunities for wildlife viewing, hunting, outdoor education and research.

The BLM works cooperatively with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to actively manage habitat for fish and wildlife resources on public lands throughout the Arizona.

The BLM manages habitat for fish, wildlife and plant resources on public lands in Arizona through resource allocations and objectives described in Resource Management Plans. Resource Management Plans are designed to balance the conservation of natural resources with the needs of the people of Arizona.

Special Status Species

BLM managed public lands in Arizona provide habitat for 43 listed species of threatened or endangered species and 10 candidate species of plants and animals. In addition to listed threatened or endangered species, BLM has a Bureau Sensitive Species list to focus management on species that may be declining or for which habitat may be limited or susceptible to alteration. BLM works cooperatively with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department to conserve habitat for Threatened & Endangered Species and BLM sensitive plant and wildlife species.

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