Middle Gila Canyons Travel Management Plan
Final Documentation & Maps

The Middle Gila Canyons transportation and travel management planning area is made up of approximately 96,320 acres of public land administered by BLM’s Tucson Field Office, generally located northeast of Florence, and southwest of Superior, Arizona. A transportation and travel plan for the area was developed to identify the BLM transportation system and establish route designations to adequately provide motorized and non-motorized access to public lands in the planning area. The route system was designed to accommodate local travel needs, protect public safety and resources on the public lands, and prevent or minimize conflict among users.

Dear Reader Letter and Decision Record

Middle Gila Canyons Transportation and Travel Management Plan 

Appendix A:  Route Inventory

Appendix B: (part 1) Route Designations (3.3 M)
Appendix B: (part 2) MGCP Motorized Route Evaluation

Appendix C:  Stakeholder Workshop Results

Appendix D:  Primitive Road Maintenance Guidelines

Map 3 – Proposed Route Designations (2.5 M, 36 x 40)

Route Reports (7.6 M) 

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