Conditions, Allocations and Actions

Desired Future Conditions: All land use plans describe specific goals and objectives. Goals are usually not quantifiable. Standards are descriptions of healthy, sustainable lands. The desired future conditions may describe site specific or planning area-wide expectations.
Listing of Desired Future Conditions for the TMP

Land Use Allocations: On an overarching scale, the Lake Havasu Field Office Resource Management Plan (RMP) provides general land management and use direction.  The RMP also makes decisions as to specific purposes or uses to which lands will be put.  Allocations include sections of the planning area dedicated to specific use; i.e., areas (not specific to roads and trails) to be managed as open, closed, or limited.  Limited areas are then further refined through the TMP down to the individual route/trail level.
Listing of Land Use Allocations for the TMP

Management Actions: the actions needed to achieve the desired future conditions, including actions to restore or protect land health. These actions include proactive measures (e.g., measures that will be taken to enhance natural resource condition and/or recreation opportunity) as well as measures or criteria that will be applied to guide day-to-day activities occurring on public land.
Listing of Management Actions for the TMP