Bullhead Unit Travel Management Plan
Final Documentation

The first phase of the Lake Havasu Field Office TMP, Bullhead, is located along the Colorado River near Bullhead City, Arizona, and includes some adjacent lands in California.


Final Bullhead Travel Management Plan (March 2009) (1.5 M)
     Environmental Assessment
     Decision Record

Appendices A-E including:

  • Appendix A:  Route Evaluation Process
  • Appendix B:  Relevant Executive Order 11644
  • Appendix C:  Planning Criteria
  • Appendix D:  Area Uses
  • Appendix E:  Summary of All Route Designations

Appendix F:  Route Evaluation Criteria

Appendix G:  Route Designations (4M)

Appendices H-O including:

  • Appendix H:  LHFO RMP Decisions
  • Appendix I:  Affected Environment
  • Appendix J:  T&E Species
  • Appendix K:  Species of Concern
  • Appendix L:  Riparian Fragmentation
  • Appendix M:  Vegetation
  • Appendix N:  Noxious Species
  • Appendix O:  Glossary

Map 1 - Travel Management Area with Surface Management
Map 2 - Route Network (6M)
Map 3 - Travel Management Network (3 M)

Route Inventory Maps

(32 x 40 poster-sized maps)

Instructions on how to print or copy part of the large map.

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