Wabayuma Peak Trail

TRAIL DESCRIPTION:  The first two miles of Wabayuma Peak Trail follow an old jeep road into the Wabayuma Peak Wilderness.  At about the two mile mark, you will find yourself in a saddle; a wire fence will be on your left.  Look for the narrow path heading up the slope.  Near the top of the ridge, the trail becomes faint, but blaze marks on large ponderosa pine will serve to guide you to the top.  The trail ends in a saddle 1/2 mile south of the Wabayuma Peak summit; proceed cross-country to reach the peak.  Hikers must return the way they came.  The top of Wabayuma peak offers spectacular views of the Black Mountains to the west, the Aquarius Mountains to the east and of the Hualapai Mountain range to the north and south.


TRAIL DISTANCE:  2.5 miles one way

TRAIL TYPE:  Hiking or equestrian

BEST SEASON:  Late spring through fall.

ELEVATION:  6,047 to 7,601 feet


BLM SURFACE MANAGEMENT MAP:  Arizona 1:100,000 - Valentine

U.S.G.S. TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS:  Arizona 7.5 minute - Wabayuma Peak

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