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Crack in the Wall Trail
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This is a very popular and scenic trail that follows a wash to the shoreline of Lake Havasu. The hike takes about three to four hours and is just over two miles each way. Hikers have the option of staying in the wash and going thru the "Crack," a narrow slot canyon, or go up a parallel route following the wash on the hillside and back into the wash trail.  Like most desert wash trails, flash floods pose a danger.  Flooding can be a hazard because several small washes funnel into the large wash creating the narrow slot canyon.  If recent significant rain has occurred, small pools form within the narrow passages.  While the pools are passable, the rocks are slippery and the pools can be 2 feet deep or more and hiking the trail is not advised. The crack has a steep slide rock portion that’s fairly easy going down, but very hard to climb back up.  Most hikers choose to hike down the crack and take the upper trail to bypass the crack on the way back. The upper trail on the return crosses or rejoins the wash trail and main trail shortly before arriving back at the trailhead.
The trail is located in western Arizona, just south of Lake Havasu City, Arizona at SARA Park.
From Lake Havasu City, head south on Highway 95 to South McCulloch Blvd., and turn right into SARA Park (around mile marker 175), continue to the trailhead parking area.
Visitor Activities
Hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing.
Special Features
The trailhead is located in ‘SARA Park’ (Special Activity Recreation Area), a Lake Havasu City Park which also has a shooting range, remote controlled aircraft/airport, ball fields, motor speedway, and other activities.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
There are no fees or permits required.  Carry your own drinking water, there is none available.
SARA Park is easily accessible by any type of vehicle. However, parking at the trailhead and the trail are not accessible.
Camping and Lodging
Campgrounds and lodging are available in Lake Havasu City.  Camping is not permitted in SARA Park.
Food and Supplies
Food and supplies (including water) are available in Lake Havasu.  Drinking water is not available on site.
First Aid
There are no medical facilities at SARA Park or on the trail. Medical facilities are available in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Dial 911 for emergencies.
Additional Information
Watch for snakes on the trail. After heavy rain there will be pools of water on the trail. Bring plenty of drinking water and allow for seasonal temperatures. Fall, winter and Spring are the best time to hike the trail. You may see bighorn sheep near the lake or on ridge tops.
Contact the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office at 928-505-1200 or the Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation Department at 928-453-8686.

  Lake Havasu Field Office 
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Phone: (928) 505-1200
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Field Manager: Jason West
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