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Take Off Point
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This free fishing access is always open to the public. The area features a short paved walkway leading from the parking area to four separate fishing platforms in close proximity to Parker Dam. This recreation area provides boat access to Lake Havasu and the Lake Havasu Shoreline Camps.
Take Off Point is located 16 miles south of Lake Havasu City on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.
From Parker, Arizona, travel north on Highway 95 and look for signs that lead to Take Off Point, before you cross the dam.
Visitor Activities
Fishing, scenery, watchable wildlife, free accessible boat launch ramp, and free parking.
Special Features
Boat Launch, parking, shade structures, picnic areas, restroom, solar lighting.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
Permits are not required for the area. Year-round free parking is available. Boat trailer parking is limited to three days on the pavement near the launch ramp, and 10 days in the dirt parking areas away from the boat ramp.
The facility has a paved road and surface to the parking areas, accessible restroom, and boat launch. The launch is two lanes, with a 50-foot safety-railed, aluminum-surfaced ramp to a floating dock between the lanes. Steepness varys depending on lake surface levels, but it should remain wheelchair accessible. For busy days, a separate dock is positioned a few yards away from the launch. It is also accessible by a safety-railed, self-adjusting aluminum ramp that maintains wheelchair capability. The ramp has two 90-degree turns at level platforms; the first turn is approximately 65 feet from the closest parking space and the second turn is approximately another 60 feet, with the final dock another 40 feet further down the ramp. Neither dock has a lifting hoist.

Access to the concrete slab fishing piers is from a paved parking area, connected by a wide, initially sloping concrete sidewalk for approximately 225 feet to the first fishing pier and 325 feet to the fourth fishing pier. A restroom and fish cleaning station is centered among the fishing piers. 

Camping and Lodging 
Boat-in camping is available across the lake at the Bill Williams Campsites (part of the Lake Havasu Shoreline Camping sites). Private and Arizona State Parks campgrounds are nearby on Highway 95. Lodging is available in Parker, Arizona.

Food and Supplies
Food and supplies are available nearby in Parker, Arizona.
First Aid
There are no medical facilities on site. Emergency services are available in Parker, Arizona. Dial 911 for emergencies.
Additional Information
The shoreline and banks at Take Off Point are too rocky to accommodate swimming. Visitors can enjoy world class fishing at the accessible shoreline fishing pier and picnicking in the day use areas. A valid Arizona license is required for taking wildlife (including fish) in Arizona.

  Lake Havasu Field Office 
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