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Havasu Springs Fishing Dock
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This is a triangular-shaped floating fishing dock providing year-round Lake Havasu angling opportunities. It is positioned off the end of a peninsula and surrounded by deep water with artificial fish habitat enhancements on the bottom to attract game fish (primarily striped bass). The Havasu Springs Fishing Dock is available to the general public, although it is surrounded by the Havasu Springs Resort, which offers restaurants, an inner harbor, boat docks, RV sites, and a golf course.
The dock is located at the southern end of Lake Havasu, near the western boundary of the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge, south of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
From Lake Havasu City, Arizona, take Arizona Highway 95 south for 16.3 miles. Enter the Havasu Spring Resort, 2581 Highway 95, and drive to the main resort check-in office. Ask for access and directions to the Fishing Dock, which is open to the public for free.
Visitor Activities
Fishing, bird watching, boat watching, photography.
Special Features
The dock features over 1600’ of surface area with a 300 square foot roofed shaded area.  On shore are adjacent restrooms and free parking.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
Access to and use of BLM’s Havasu Springs Fishing Dock is free.  However, fishing from the dock requires a valid Arizona Game and Fish Department license under State of Arizona law.  Fishing licenses may be obtained at the resort check-in office.
The restrooms, dock, and railings are designed to be wheelchair enjoyable, with fishing stations located to provide angling opportunities for a variety of water depths. The dock surface is wooden planks, and the parking lot and access walkways are paved. Because the water surface and dock are about 30 feet below the grade of the main parking area, two approaches were built. One approach allows driving to a wheelchair loading area adjacent to one leg of the dock, providing easy wheelchair access and parking for two or three vehicles. The other approach is from a larger, upper parking area via a 235-foot connecting sloped path. Please keep in mind that the return to the upper parking lot can be made challenging by the worst of the summer heat.
Camping and Lodging
Both are available through the local resorts or in Lake Havasu City or Parker, Arizona.
Food and Supplies
The Havasu Springs Resort features a restaurant, bar, gift shop, and convenience store. Food and supplies are also available in Parker or Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
First Aid
There are no medical facilities on site. Dial 911 for emergencies. The nearest medical facilities are located in Lake Havasu City or Parker, Arizona.
Additional Information
The dock is located near the western reaches of the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge, which hosts an array of water fowl that can often be observed in the area.
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  Lake Havasu Field Office 
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