For the biking enthusiast, BLM lands offer the tranquility of nature on breath-taking Arizona backdrops. Biking trails include old mining and railroad routes, and back county paths, which showcase the diverse history and geology of the Southwest. Skill levels range from easy to difficult and trails vary on surface types and profiles. The following BLM managed sites offer biking opportunities:

Arizona Strip Field Office

Hassayampa Field Office

Kingman Field Office

Lake Havasu Field Office

Tucson Field Office

Safford Field Office

Locate a Trail

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Biking Safety:

  • Know your equipment.
  • Know your ability.
  • Know the area.
  • Always carry extra drinking water.
  • Carry recommended safety equipment: bicycling helmet, appropriate scale maps, spare tire tube or patch kit, pump, first aid kit and basic tool kit.
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

Biking Rules and Etiquette:

  • Share the trail.
  • Bicyclists yield to walkers and horseback riders. When overtaking another trail user, let them know you are approaching.
  • Practice low-impact cycling: Be sensitive to the resources - stay on the trail, do not create new trails, and avoid skidding or spinning your wheels. Leave gates as you find them (open or closed).
Enjoy biking on public lands, and please take care of these lands like they were your own----because they are!
Additional guidelines for responsible biking can be found on the following sites: