Autotouring & Pleasure Driving

The Bureau of Land Management's National Back Country Byways and Scenic Drives offer the American public opportunities to rediscover the splendor of the West's public lands. The program combines America's love affair with motor vehicles together with the outdoors. Whether you like air-conditioned cars, four-wheel drive vehicles, or even dirt bikes, there's a back country byway waiting for you to explore. Back country byways and scenic corridors are off the beaten path. Some are near rural communities, giving you a chance to visit, eat, stay overnight, or just relax in "Small Town U.S.A."  In addition, off-highway vehicles (OHV) are permitted, with restrictions, in many areas under BLM administration in Arizona.

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Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument

Hassayampa Field Office

Kingman Field Office

Lake Havasu Field Office

Lower Sonoran Field Office

Safford Field Office

Tucson Field Office

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