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Land Use Planning

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM's) Land Use Plans, called Resource Management Plans (RMPs), evaluate and guide the management of resources and uses on public lands over a fifteen to twenty year period. Using the principles of multiple use and sustained yield, BLM Arizona seeks to maximize resource values on public land for current and future generations, ensuring the health, diversity, and productivity of the public land.

BLM Arizona manages approximately 12.2 million surface acres of public land, and realizes that public involvement is critical in the development and implementation of its RMPs. Throughout the planning process, the BLM uses a collaborative approach involving tribal, State and local governments, other federal agencies, and interested publics in addressing management goals for public land. When RMPs are ready for review and public comment, BLM Arizona makes copies available to field offices and on the Internet. New and revised RMPs are now being developed in the ePlanning database. We encourage you to get involved in the planning process to help determine how the public lands will be managed. Involvement by everyone, who is interested in the public lands, will help ensure that the best overall plan is developed.

Periodically, RMPs are updated as new information becomes available. By continuously monitoring the plans and their effects, BLM Arizona can amend RMPs, and take action toward ensuring land management goals are achieved and plans continue to stay valid. Current Arizona RMPs are located in the Environmental Library.

Under Federal law, BLM Arizona prepares land-use plans that serve as the basis for all activities occurring on BLM-managed lands. BLM Planning policy in the form of our manual and handbook (both in pdf format) are available on this site.

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