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Association Placer Mining Claims

You must be qualified to locate an association placer mining claim and your mining claim must conform to the requirements of Federal law, 30 U.S.C. 35, 36, and regulations at 43 CFR 3832.22. These laws allow the location of placer mining claims greater than 20 acres so long as each of the locators has a bona fide interest in the claims, and has located the claims independently, for their own self-interest, and in good faith. The law is well established that a person cannot use the names of his friends, relatives, or employees as dummy locators in order to locate for his own benefit a greater area of placer ground than is allowable by law. Any claim located using dummy locators is not a valid mining claim.

By recording location notices for association placer mining claims with BLM you are representing to the United States government that you meet the qualifications for locating an association placer claim and that you are not using the names of other persons as dummy locators to locate more than 20 acres per claim for your own benefit. In accordance with 43 CFR 3830.9, if you file a document that you know contains false, erroneous, or fictitious information or statements, you may be subject to criminal penalties under 18 U.S.C. 1001 and 43 U.S.C. 1212. The maximum penalty is 5 years in prison and/or a fine of $250,000.

In accordance with 43CFR 1822.10, all documents required to be filed with the Bureau of Land Management must contain the applicant’s (claimant’s) legal name and current address. Additionally, 43 CFR 3833.11 (b)(2) requires that a certificate of location of a mining claim or site contain the names and current mailing addresses of the locators of the claim.

Before we can complete the recordation of any association placer mining claims, we will need the following information:

  • A location notice must be signed. Please ensure that at least one of the locators or an agent signs the location notice.
  • A current mailing address for each claimant listed on the location notice
  • A signed and notarized statement from each claimant that says: “I (enter claimants name) authorized and am aware that I am listed as a locator on the location notice for AMC (enter claim numbers). I have a bona fide interest in these claims and I located the claims independently, for my own self-interest and in good faith. I certify that these claims are in no way being located for the benefit of a company, corporation, or another individual in order to gain additional acreage they are not entitled to in accordance with the law.”
  • A legal document from each claimant (such as a notarized power of attorney) showing that the person signing the location notice is the agent or authorized representative of the persons named on the location notice.
  • Each entity signing on behalf of a company named on the location notice(s) must submit evidence (such as a copy of the articles of incorporation or other official document filed with the State under whose laws the company is organized) showing they have the authority to represent the company when signing official documents, and in what capacity they represent the company.

In accordance with 43 CFR 3833.33, you may transfer, sell, or otherwise convey an association placer mining claim at any time to an equal or greater number of mining claimants. If you want to transfer an association placer claim to an individual or an association that is smaller in number than the association that located the claim you – a) must have discovered a valuable mineral deposit before the transfer; or b) upon notice from BLM, you must reduce the acreage of the claim, if necessary, so that you meet the 20-acre per locator limit. 

Per 43 CFR 3830.5, a discovery means that you have found a valuable mineral deposit. Any association placer claim transferred that does not meet these requirements is not a valid mining claim.