3809 Requirements, Guidelines and Forms

43 CFR 3809 - Surface Management 

BLM Handbook H-3042-1 - Solid Minerals Reclamation Handbook (pdf, 4M) (1992)

Arizona Mining Permitting Guide (May 2011)

Instruction Memorandum No. AZ-2015-008 - Processing Notices, Plans of Operation and Financial Guarantees under 43 CFR 3809 (pdf)

Operator Information for Casual Use, Notice and Plan Level Operations and for Providing a Financial Guarantee as Required by 43 CFR 3809 (revised December 2014)

Reclamation Bond Calculation Spreadsheet 2016a (Bond Estimator excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet)

Arizona Standards for Rangeland Health and Guidelines for Grazing Administration (pdf) (reference)

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Minerals & Mining

Oil & Gas

Note that Arizona EOIs begin in 2015