Maps, Plats, GIS & GPS

Arizona BLM maintains current and historical information about land ownership and use in the United States.  We maintain cadastral survey and historical data on lands patented, along with information on the mineral estate, resource conditions, and permits or leases on Federal lands.

Our Public Rooms maintain color-coded 1:100,000 scale Surface Management maps displaying public and private land ownership, roads, water features, points of interest and other topographic information. The maps can be purchased from the Arizona State Office and at the field offices (see our Directory for office hours and addresses). Each map is $4.

Our Lake Havasu and Safford Field Offices can provide GPS data files of their local area.

Base layer GIS data is also available.

A web search for “Arizona land ownership” will identify mapping data sites with GPS-compatible data. 

State of Arizona Mapping Resources

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