Hazardous Materials

The hazardous materials program focuses on identifying, managing and controlling all imminent hazards to human health and the environment. Past and current land uses, both authorized and illegal, have created a variety of threats to the public lands and natural systems. Illegal dumping and unlawful operations are the main current use problems. BLM Arizona has approximately two-dozen sites that have been evaluated and determined to warrant listing on the federal facility docket. Clean up is currently underway at some of these sites.

BLM arranges emergency removal and cleanup of hazardous waste sites on public lands. These sites are usually identified by an inventory that ranks their potential for human health risks. Aggressively identifying, stabilizing and cleaning up contaminated sites reduce future risks and liabilities. People making unlawful disposals or using illegal processes involving hazardous materials on public lands are prosecuted. Hazardous materials specialists minimize current risks by assuring compliance with applicable state and federal laws and working closely with other BLM programs that involve hazardous materials.