ponderosa forestBLM Arizona administers over one million acres of forestlands throughout the state.  Nearly all of the BLM forests are located north of the Grand Canyon, within the Arizona Strip District, where these forests are managed for biomass and fuelwood, as well the traditional uses of Pinon nut and medicinal plant collecting; more than 22,000 acres of riparian habitat containing mesquite, sycamore, walnut, ash, cottonwood, willows, and tamarisk, and 11 million acres of southwestern desert vegetation, which includes mesquite, gambel oak, ironwood and bear grass.  Some desert areas contain salvage-restricted species, such as barrel cactus, Joshua trees and saguaro.  These species cannot be taken off public land without a permit.  The mission of the Forest Management Program is to restore and maintain healthy, productive and resilient forested ecosystems for the public’s benefit and enjoyment.