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Fuels Management

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Protecting Communities and Natural Resources

“You’ve got to fight fire with fire.” It’s an old adage that can literally prove itself true. In fact, a major fire management consideration for BLM fire specialists across Arizona is the vegetation which can fuel a wildfire, and the cautious process used to examine potential hazards.

Fuels are considered any type of combustible material or vegetation.  The primary objective of fuels reduction or vegetation treatments is to remove enough of this fuel to reduce the risk posed by wildfire to communities and other resources.  In general, fuels treatments reduce surface fuels and/or maintain healthy forests and landscapes by using thinning and limbing techniques.  Treatments have been proven to successfully lessen the severity and threat of wildfires to the public, enhance firefighter safety, as well as making fire suppression easier.
The BLM fuels program managers examine conditions on public lands to assess potential wildfire hazards.  In areas where the risk of a wildfire is high due to vegetative conditions, managers develop strategies to reduce the amount of fuel and improve the health of the land. Once plans are developed they are implemented using a variety of methods.

For More Information:

For more information on County/Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) and opportunities to do more to ensure your home and community are prepared for wildfire, visit our Community Assistance page and/or contact your nearest BLM District Office. 

Our specialists can provide guidance, general risk assessments, and recommendations uniquely talored to your location and ecosystem in Arizona.  

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Fuels Management: A Collaborative Approach

Nationally the BLM’s fuels management program focuses on protecting communities and our natural resources while providing for local economic opportunities.

During the past five years, over 2.2 million acres have been treated and over $230,000,000 in contracts have supplemented rural economies, nationally by the BLM.   

Building upon this success, the BLM is focusing on collaborative approaches to reduce risk to the nation’s public and private lands and providing rural economic opportunities through community wildfire protection plans (CWPPs), fuels treatments, biomass utilization, contracting, and consultations.

Heavy Equipment Fuels Reduction

BLM Arizona Fuels Management Projects

ASD Pile Burn

Arizona Strip District

Arizona Strip 2013 Fire Management Plan

Arizona Strip Field Office

  •  Project A

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument

  •  Project A  

Phoenix District

Phoenix Fire Management Plan

Hassayampa Field Office

  •  Project A

Lower Sonoran Office

  • Gila River Projects
    • Buckeye Fuels Reduction Project 
    • Robbins Butte Fuels Reduction Project
    • Powers Fuels Reduction Project

Colorado River District

Colorado River District Fire Management Plan

 Kingman Field Office

  •  Project A

Lake Havasu Field Office :

  •  Project A

Yuma Field Office

  •  Project A

Gila District

Gila District 2010 Fire Management Plan

Safford Field Office:

  •  Project A

Tucson Field Office:

  • Project A


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