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Wind Energy

In addition to the sunshine that makes Arizona famous, the state also has regions with consistent and steady winds.

Just as sunshine can be used to produce electricity, wind can be used to turn turbines that generate electricity.  Arizona has a swath of land from the east-central region to the northwestern corner of the state that has wind rated as moderate-to-good for energy generation.

Dry Lake Wind Project, near Snowflake in Navajo County, has been in production since 2009. Ten of the 41 turbines are on BLM land.

On the other side of the state, the BLM has given approval for the use of 35,329 acres of public land for the Mohave County Wind Farm. The Bureau of Reclamation has approved use of an additional 2,781 acres of the land that it manages for the project.

Other wind projects on BLM-managed land in Arizona are in the testing stage. No decisions have been made on whether the companies involved will request a right-of-way for full development of a wind facility from the BLM.

Wind Energy

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