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Maricopa Solar Park

Documents & Maps
 (including the Final Scoping Report)

Site of the proposed Maricopa Solar Park

BLM Arizona has completed the scoping phase for an environmental impact statement (EIS) analysis on a proposal to construct and operate the Maricopa Solar Park, a photovoltaic solar project.

The proposed Maricopa Solar Park Project (AZA-35927) would be located on BLM-managed lands in Mobile Valley, north of Interstate 8, east of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, and about 8 miles west of the City of Maricopa in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Marisol Energy 2, LLC, a company specializing in photovoltaic solar development, proposes to use 1,730 acres of public land to build a power plant. The plant is projected to generate up to 300 megawatts of electricity.

While the application remains active, Marisol Energy is not actively working to complete the environmental impact statement on this project.

Comments on the Maricopa Solar Energy Park may be sent by mail to:

Maricopa Solar Park Project
Lane Cowger
BLM Arizona State Office
1 North Central Avenue, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ  850004

Comments by email may be sent to:

Information on the scoping process and the project are available from Joe Incardine, national project manager, at (801) 539-4118.