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Restoration Design Energy Project

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(Includes the Record of Decision (January 2013) and
the Final Environmental Impact Statement (October 2012)

The Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP) is a BLM Arizona initiative to identify lands across the State that may be suitable for the development of renewable energy. The RDEP Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan Amendments (ROD/RMPA) has been released.

The ROD establishes 192,100 acres of renewable energy development areas (REDA) on BLM land throughout Arizona. The REDAs are near transmission lines or designated corridors, close to population centers or industrial areas, and in areas where impacts on water usage would be moderate. These lands also have few known resource impacts or have been previously disturbed, such as retired agriculture properties. REDAs are available for solar or wind energy development

In addition, the ROD establishes the Agua Caliente Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) on 2,550 acres near Dateland in western Arizona. The national Solar Programmatic ROD established the concept of SEZs as potential sites for utility-scale solar development. 

The BLM has amended eight land use plans across Arizona to identify areas that are considered to be most suitable for renewable energy projects. While these amendments only apply to BLM-managed lands, the RDEP examined all lands in Arizona and serves as a resource to the public, policy makers, and energy planners.

The RDEP does not eliminate the need for further environmental review of individual sites. Proposed renewable energy projects outside of a REDA or a SEZ will also be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such applications would be evaluated under BLM state and national policy identified in the Solar ROD.

Printed or CD copies of the ROD are available:


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BLM Arizona State Office, Attn: Restoration Design Energy Project, One North Central Avenue, Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427.

The RDEP, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, supports the Secretary of Interior's goals to build America's new energy future and to protect and restore treasured landscapes. 

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Lane Cowger, BLM Project Manager
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