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Visitor Information


FEATURES:  Hundreds of petroglyphs can be seen on the volcanic basalt outcrops that lie next to the Gila River. The area is believed to have been utilized for thousands of years, more so from A.D. 500 until the 1800s. Many archaeological remains left by prehistoric peoples are visible, but the most predominant are the petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are difficult to date, so archaeologists have no way of knowing their age. Other features at the site include sleeping circles, geoglyphs, trails, rock alignments, and a historic canal. Due to its proximity to the Gila River, the area has a long history of use as a major traveling route by Spanish explorers (Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail alignment), missionaries, and people heading for California (including the Butterfield Overland Mail route). In addition to cultural resources, the area contains a sizeable mesquite bosque with significant wildlife habitat. The site is monitored regularly by volunteer Site Stewards.

FEES/PERMITS REQUIRED:  No fees or permits needed. Open to the public, all year long.

LIMITATIONS:  Vehicles must remain on designated roadways. Please do not touch the petroglyphs or try to make rubbings of them. Petroglyphs are very fragile and can be harmed by the oils on hands. Please be respectful and help preserve these archaeological resources for future generations.

DIRECTIONS TO SITE:  Take Interstate 8 east from Yuma for about 75 miles to Spot Road. On the north frontage road head east for about 1 mile to Avenue 76½E, then go north along the dirt road for about 7 miles. Park in the cleared area in front of the ridge, without passing the carsonite posts. The dirt road is not maintained by BLM, and is very rough. It can be muddy and dangerous after rain.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Limited, some petroglyphs can be seen from the parking area. Difficult hiking on loose gravels and rock boulders. Paths are visible, but not maintained. Please stay on the paths.

 Sears Point Archaeology

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