Cultural Trails

When is a Trail Not Just a Trail?

sears point deer tracked trail It may look like just a hiking trail, but that doesn't mean there isn't more to the story. It may be an ancient cultural trail that could be damaged by well-intentioned feet. There are cultural trails all over the Sears Point area. Many times they are very easy to see in the desert pavement.

Cultural trails, also called aboriginal trails, are some of the most enigmatic parts of archaeology in the Southwest. No one is sure how old many of them are, or why they were created. They are often easiest to see in flat desert pavement, but can also exist along ridges and hillsides. Cultural trails may have been part of trading networks used by the peoples who lived here, or they may have had some spiritual purpose. It is OK to walk lightly on the trails. Often there are other archaeological artifacts along trails, so walking on the trail rather than alongside it will be less damaging. Please be aware and careful where you place your feet. Try not to disturb or widen the borders of the trail while walking. These features are exceptionally delicate and in order for us to continue learning from them, they need to stay in good condition.

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