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Sanchez CCC Camp
sanchez ccc campDescription
The historic remains of the Sanchez Camp are located across the Gila River from Safford. This Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was occupied from 1935 to 1936 by Company 2867.  Approximately 200 men were stationed at the camp, primarily from Texas and Arizona.  The enrollees worked directly with the Soil Conservation Service on the Gila Watershed Project, to counteract erosion problems plaguing the area.  This was the second largest watershed project in the nation at that time.  Several buildings and a system of rock-lined pathways are visible at the site.
The Sanchez CCC Camp is located on a bluff overlooking the Gila River just north of the Safford Municipal Airport.
From U.S. Highway 70 in Safford, drive north on 8th Avenue.  After crossing the bridge, turn right onto East Airport Road and drive 4.3 miles.  Turn left onto a road leading into the Safford Airport, then another immediate left onto the Solomon Pass Road.  Drive north for 1.2 miles and turn right onto a dirt road.  Drive 3.6 miles, park outside the Sanchez CCC Camp boundary, and walk through the site.
Visitor Activities
History exploration, photography
Special Features
The Sanchez Camp is a well preserved CCC camp in Arizona.  It was one of more than 120 CCC camps in the state.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
This site is for day use only and there are no fees.  Please respect the history of this camp by not climbing on walls or disturbing the site.
A high-clearance vehicle is recommended to access the site.  The site is not wheelchair accessible due to its rocky terrain.
Camping and Lodging
The nearby communities of Safford and Thatcher offer a variety of lodging options including motels and campgrounds, as well as cabins at Roper Lake State Park.  The Graham County Chamber of Commerce provides lodging and restaurant options on their website or by calling 1-888-837-1641.
Food and Supplies
Gasoline, food and supplies can also be found in Safford and Thatcher.
First Aid
No first aid available on site. Dial 911 for emergencies; cell phone coverage is limited in some areas, so you may have to seek higher ground to have service.  The nearest medical facility is the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford.
Additional Information
The Sanchez Camp and other Arizona projects completed during the Great Depression are included on a colorful map/guide called “The New Deal in Arizona: Connections to Our Historic Landscape.”  This free brochure is available from the BLM in Safford.

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