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Nampaweap Petroglyph Site
Grand Canyon-Parashant Nat'l Monument

One of the largest known rock art sites on the Arizona Strip is Nampaweap (Billy Goat Canyon). The site is 1/2 mile long and contains thousands of individual rock art elements on hundreds of boulders.

What does it mean?

petroglyphs Nampaweap means "foot canyon" in Paiute. This canyon may have been an important prehistoric travel corridor from the Grand Canyon to the resources of the ponderosa pine country around Mt. Trumbull.

Petroglyphs or Pictographs?

The rock art is all petroglyphs (incised, pecked or etched into the stone) as opposed to pictograph (painted) designs found at other rock art sites. Most of the major prehistoric cultures known to have inhabited this area over the past 10,000 years left symbols on the rocks here. Archaic, Anasazi and Paiute gyphs can all be seen at Nampaweap.

What do they mean?

petroglyphs We do not know the meaning of these glyphs. The symbols probably served different purposes for their makers, from religious clan symbols to doodling. Attempts at interpreting rock art have been made by many researchers.

Safety First

Please watch your footing as these boulders can be dislodged easily or you may fall and injure yourself on the jagged basalt rocks. Beware of snakes and other animals among the boulders.

How to Get There

The site can be accessed off the Mt. Trumbull road 3 miles east of the Mt. Trumbull trailhead sign and visitor register and 3.5 miles west of the Toroweap/Tuweep road. Drive south toward Arkansas Ranch (private) 1.1 miles and turn east. Park here and walk 3/4 mile east down the trail to the head of an unnamed (locals call it Billy Goat Canyon because of the large numbers of mountain sheep in the rock art) canyon. The rock art is located on scattered boulders on the north side (south facing) of the small canyon.

A Visitor Map may be purchased at the Information Center.

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