Gold King Mansion

Gold King Mansion, a historic structure built in 1929, lies along the Moss Wash Road.  The Walapai 4-Wheelers club president and two club members are Arizona Site Stewards and monitor the Mansion to help protect it from vandalism.  The historic photo shows the structure when it was in use during 1929, and the modern photo shows how the site looks today.  The historic photos below were supplied by the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

Gold King Mine,circa 1940Gold King Mansion

The Walapai 4-Wheelers, a four-wheel drive club based in  Kingman, have adopted the Moss Wash Road, which runs from Blake Ranch Road to the Ridge Road.  This rugged road gains 1,900 feet in elevation over its ten-mile length.  On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being nearly impassable, the club rates the road as a 4.  The Walapai 4-Wheelers drive the road periodically and pick up litter, and they have offered to remove two abandoned vehicles along the route.

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