Yuma Blythe Intaglios

DIRECTIONS TO SITE:  About 15 miles north of Blythe, California, on U.S. Route 95

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF SITE:  Prehistoric earth figures or geoglyphs


Blythe intaglios FEATURES:  There are a total of six distinct figures in three locations, including a human figure at each location and an animal figure at two locations. The largest human figure measures 171 feet from head to toe. Geoglyphs are difficult to date, so archaeologists have no way of knowing their age. According to Mohave and Quechan tribes of the lower Colorado River area, the human figures represent Mastamho, the Creator of Earth and all life. The animal figures represent Hatakulya, one of two mountain lions/persons who helped in the Creation. In ancient times, sacred ceremonial dances were held in the area to honor the Creator of life. These intaglios are best viewed from the air.

FEES/PERMITS REQUIRED:  No fees or permits needed. Open to the public 24 hours per day, all year long.

LIMITATIONS:  Please keep all vehicles on the designated roadway and help preserve these cultural resources for future generations to appreciate.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Limited, easy hiking (less than 1/4 mile) to two of the site areas. The third site area requires 1/2 mile hike, part up a 10% grade. Paths are unimproved natural gravels.

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