Fisherman Intaglio

DIRECTIONS TO SITE:  Take Highway 95 north of Quartzsite for about 6 miles to Plomosa Road, head east until you reach milepost 114 or 115 (you will see a sign directing you to the site), travel on the only paved road heading east for about 5 miles. Park in the graveled area.

fisherman intaglio BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF SITE:  Geoglyph (earth figure)


FEATURES:  The site consists of one human figure geoglyph and a few other recognizable designs. The human figure with a spear in his hand, fish swimming below the water, and the sun shining above, creates a distinct image. According to Native Americans, this image may represent their Creator carving the Colorado River with his spear. Geoglyphs are difficult to date, so archaeologists have no way of knowing their age. An interpretive sign at the site provides additional information.

FEES/PERMITS REQUIRED:  No fees or permits needed. Open to the public, all year long.

LIMITATIONS:  Please keep all vehicles on the designated roadways and help preserve these archaeological resources for future generations.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Limited, easy hiking, short distance (500 feet) on level path. Paths are not maintained, but please stay on them.

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