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Inquiries, Protests, & Appeals

An important function of the Cadastral Survey Program is to respond to all inquires, protests and appeals of official federal surveys performed in Arizona.  The following is provided as guidance on inquiries, protest and appeals procedures.

Any questions concerning an ongoing official survey may be directed to:

Bureau of Land Management
Arizona State Office
Cadastral Survey  AZ-956
One North Central Avenue
Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427

It is advantageous to all parties to attempt to resolve potential survey problems before they escalate into an official protest.  This action does not infringe on your rights to file a protest later.

A protest is any objection raised by any person to any action proposed to be taken in any proceedings before the Bureau. (43 CFR 4.450-2).  Should Cadastral Survey be unable to resolve those problems brought to their attention, you, the Protestant, will be advised of the following administrative procedures that should be followed:

Formal protests are required to be made in writing to:

State Director (AZ-956)
Bureau of Land Management
One North Central Avenue
Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427

  1. The Protestant shall state the legal description of the area covered by the protested survey.
  2. The protest must contain a statement in clear and concise language of the facts constituting the grounds for the protest.
  3. The protest should contain the history of any land surveys and ownership entitlement as far as is known by the objector.
  4. If known, the names and addresses of the adjoining landowners affected by the protest should be included.
  5. The protest should be supported by documentary evidence. Diagrams are encouraged.

Arizona State Office policy requires the acknowledged receipt of a protest within 10 working days.  In the reply, Cadastral Survey will:

  1. Explain what their intentions are or what immediate actions will be taken, (i.e. research records, make field investigation, submit to the office section during review process, etc.).
  2. State when a further reply can be expected.
  3. If appropriate, state the procedures that will be followed.

The protest is either affirmed or denied by the State Director, and a written explanation is provided to the protester. If the protest is denied, the Protestant is advised of the Appeals Procedure.

An appeal is an objection raised to any final decision of the Bureau by a person adversely affected by the decision.(43 CFR 4.410 (a). The administrative process involved in an appeal is as follows:

  1. An appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date of service of the protest denial letter. The Notice of Appeal is filed with the same BLM office with which the protest was made.
  2. BLM will transmit the appeal and related case file to the Interior Board of Land Appeals, U.S. Department of the Interior.

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