Mount Wilson Wilderness Area

Location and Description  
The 23,900-acre Mount Wilson Wilderness is located in Mohave County, Arizona, approximately 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada and 60 miles northwest of Kingman, Arizona.

The wilderness encompasses eight miles of Wilson Ridge and its' summit, the 5,445-foot high Mount Wilson. This mountain range, largely contained within the wilderness, is the most prominent range in the Hoover Dam area.

The area's forbidding and stark landscape contains several dependable springs which sustain a surprisingly wide variety of wildlife, most notably a population of desert bighorn sheep. With a vertical relief of over 3,000 feet, visitors hiking along Wilson Ridge can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Mead and the colorful cliffs, badlands, and mountains extending to the farthest horizon.

4-wheel drive transportation is recommended for all access points.  See Map (pdf).

  • Missouri Spring Access: Turn northeast onto the Temple Bar Road from Highway 93. This turnoff is about 19 miles south of Hoover Dam. Look for Road #130, on the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, located on your left, at approximately milepost 10.8. Follow this trail for 3.1 miles to trailhead parking.  More info on Missouri Spring Trailhead ...
  • Cabin Site Access: Turn northeast onto the Temple Bar Road from Highway 93, about 19 miles south of Hoover Dam. A jeep trail will be located a short distance north of milepost 5. Follow this trail west about 4 miles to its' end.

Water is scarce in this part of the Black Mountains. It can usually be found at Missouri Spring and at Wildhorse Spring, located northeast of Mount Wilson. Ephemeral water can sometimes be found in rain pockets following storms.

The terrain in Mount Wilson Wilderness is extremely rugged. No trails, other than old vehicle ways described above, are present, although sometimes burro and sheep trails can be located and followed.

Daytime temperatures during the summer months often exceed 100 degrees. Temperatures are more moderate between October 1 and April 30.

Nonfederal Lands  
Most of the lands surrounding the wilderness are administered by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Obey all National Park Service public use and off-road-vehicle restrictions when accessing the Mount Wilson wilderness.

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