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Trigo Mountain Wilderness Area

Wilderness Management Plan

Trigo Mountains Wilderness AreaLocation and Description 
The 30,300-acre Trigo Mountain Wilderness is located about 25 miles north of Yuma, Arizona, in La Paz County.

The wilderness includes 14 miles of the Trigo Mountain ridgeline with Red Cloud Wash to the south, Clip Wash in the center, and Hart Mine Wash to the north. The wilderness is characterized by sawtooth ridges and steep-sided canyons and is heavily dissected by washes.

Recreation such as extended horseback riding and backpacking trips, sightseeing, hiking, and rock climbing are enhanced by the topographic diversity and scenic character, as well as botanical, wildlife, and cultural values. 

From Yuma, travel north along Highway 95 to the Martinez Lake Road. Travel west on Martinez Lake Road to the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. Travel northwest on Red Cloud Mine Road to Red Cloud Wash. Roads near the wilderness include Cibola Road, Hart Mine Wash Road, and Lopez Wash Road. High-clearance or four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended for access to the wilderness boundary.

Nonfederal Lands 
Some lands around the wilderness are not federally administered. Please respect the property rights of the owners and do not cross or use these lands without their permission.

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